20 Amazing Etsy Odes to The Haunted Mansion!

One of the most beloved attractions at both Disneyland and Disney World has got to be the Haunted Mansion. The attraction has delighted doom buggy riders for 44 year now and has inspired a movie, our own Heather Sievers’ guest room, and a whole slew of Etsy crafts.

In honor of the ride and the upcoming Halloween season, we’ve put together 20 of our favorite Etsy odes to the Haunted Mansion, from shoes and bags to amazing pieces of original art. Click through to check them all out! Which one is your favorite?

  • Odes to the Haunted Mansion 1 of 21

    20 Etsy Odes to the Haunted Mansion!

  • Cross-Stitch 2 of 21

    And for those Haunted Mansion fans who like to cross-stitch, here is a Haunted Mansion-inspired pattern to download and craft yourself!

    Photo Source: Etsy/ FrogwoodManor, available for $7

  • Ghouls 3 of 21

    This "Lowbrow Sugar Fueled Ghoulish Delight" print is by the Orlando artist Michael Banks (Sugar Fueled). It's an interesting and cute ode to the hitchhiking ghosts.

    Photo Source: Etsy/ Sugar Fueled, available for $12

  • Light Plate 4 of 21

    Want to giving your lights a spooky style? This Haunted Mansion light switch plate is a perfect addition to any eerie home.

    Photo Source: Etsy/td8269, available for $8

  • Haunted Mansion Bag 5 of 21

    Pay tribute to the portraits of the Haunted Mansion with this super cool tote. Now you can take a little bit of the Haunted Mansion with you everywhere!

    Photo Source: Etsy/Total Chaos, available for $50

  • Ears 6 of 21

    I'm so surprised that these aren't sold by the parks yet! They are so adorable!

    Photo Source: Etsy/MysteresMasquerade, available for $18.99


  • Haunted Mansion Bow 7 of 21

    So cool! This Etsy seller created a hair bow inspired by the outfits worn by the "maids and butlers" who work the ride.

    Photo Source: Etsy/ JordansBowtique, available for $8

  • Haunted Mansion Toms 8 of 21

    Custom handpainted Toms is a cottage industry for many an artist, and this ode to the Haunted Mansion is a wonderful example of that!

    Photo Source: Etsy/DanOFlorez, available for $89

  • Haunted Mansion Dress 9 of 21

    How adorable is this little girl's Haunted Mansion-inspired dress?! The Etsy seller makes them for babies up to 8-year-old girls.

    Photo Source: Etsy/ Castleseamstress2, available for $89 here

  • Silhouetted 10 of 21

    This is a gorgeous silhouetted version of one of the stretch portraits in the Haunted Mansion. Simple and perfect.

    Photo Source: Etsy/TheHappyThoughtShop

  • A Modern Take 11 of 21

    This gorgeous modern take on the Haunted Mansion is simple and oh so stylish.

    Photo Source: Etsy/Philhowelldesign, available for $32.45

  • Haunted Mansion Pendant 12 of 21

    This looked like a real piece of antique jewelry, but it is actually a modern ode to one of the portraits seen in the Haunted Mansion.

    Photo Source: Etsy/ inknpaint, available for $16

  • Keep Calm 13 of 21

    Of course there would be a Keep Calm and Carry On spin-off!

    Photo Source: Etsy/ thedevilstrip, available for $35

  • Earrings 14 of 21

    Adorn your ears with a little love for the Haunted Mansion! Why not?

    Photo Source: Etsy/ LByours, available for $6

  • Rosie 15 of 21

    Now this one is quite an unusual idea for a Haunted Mansion tribute! It's a portrait of Rosie, the pig from the pet cemetery to the side of the Haunted Mansion.

    Photo Source: Etsy/ artisticattrocities, available for $300 here

  • Haunted Mansion Blueprints 16 of 21

    Yes, these are artist-crafted blueprints of the Haunted Mansion. They've carefully created prints for both Disneyland's and Disney World's attractions. Amazing.

    Photo Source: Etsy/ BlueprintPlace

  • The Line 17 of 21

    A beautiful ode to the Haunted Mansion line at Disneyland. Lovely, isn't it?

    Photo Source: Etsy/ Monstercola, available for $30 here

  • Foolish Mortal 18 of 21

    A stunning and slightly scary Haunted Mansion-inspired piece. I love the addition of the Mickey ears!

    Photo Source: Etsy/ dynamiterose77, available for $15

  • Grim, Grinning Ghosts 19 of 21

    A well done illustration of the Grim, Grinning Ghosts from the ride.

    Photo Source: Etsy/lisaleems, available for $85 here

  • Haunted Mansion Hat 20 of 21

    If you prefer to wear your love of the Haunted Mansion on your head, this handcrafted steampunk hat is perfect for you.

    Photo Source: Etsy/ wickedthreads58, available for $89

  • Cell Phone Case 21 of 21

    And of course there are cell phone cases — lots of cell phone cases — but this was is particularly awesome!

    Photo Source: Etsy/ iCaseBeauty, available for $6.99

The items in this post are not officially affiliated with the Disney brand. 

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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