20 Disney Characters You Don’t Want To Bring to a Football Game

Football season is here! Whether you are the crazed fan or the dreaded football-widow in despair, there’s no denying the fact that barbecues, get-togethers, and tailgate parties have officially taken over your household.

If you make the actual trip to the stadium to cheer on your favorite teams, can you imagine if you had to take a certain Disney character? Villains, princesses, or sidekicks — they’re all identical when rooting for the same team. Check out 20 Disney characters you don’t want to bring to the next football game:

  • Football fans or not? 1 of 21
    20 Disney Characters You Don't Want To Bring to a Football Game

    If you're heading to a football game this season, watch out for these Disney characters!

  • Silent cheerleaders? 2 of 21
    evil queen little mermaid

    You wouldn't want to bring Ursula to a football game — if you were cheering for a team she didn't like, she might go ahead and steal your voice!

  • Tasty treats? 3 of 21
    evil queen rain

    Forget about asking the Evil Queen to bring food for the tailgate party ... especially if her dips, sauces, or marinades have anything to do with apples!

  • Headless players? 4 of 21
    queen of hears, alice in wonderland

    If the Queen of Hearts should have a change of heart for her favorite team players, will that mean ... gulp ... off with their heads?

  • Wielding saucepans! 5 of 21

    We wouldn't want Rapunzel anywhere near the other team players. You just never know what she'll do with her eagerness to use that pan! 

  • Fumble after fumble after fumble! 6 of 21
    mr. smee, peter pan

    If your favorite team should need an extra player, I wouldn't recommend Mr. Smee. Can you imagine him fumbling around with the football? Pass!

  • What did he say? 7 of 21
    wee dingwell

    Sure, trash talk is a part of any sport, especially when it comes to football games. But what in the world would you do if you had Wee Dingwall from Brave doing the trash talk? No one would be able to understand what he's saying!

  • Always late! 8 of 21
    rabbit in alice in wonderland

    The rabbit from Alice in Wonderland should not be in charge of anything, because he's always late!

  • Always fighting! 9 of 21
    cinderella step sis

    Taking Drizella and Anastasia to a football game is a definite no-no. I can already see these two brats fighting over who will get the best seat in the house, who will get to wear the foam finger, who will sing the national anthem better ... No, thanks!

  • A smoky visitor? 10 of 21
    cruella de vile

    Bringing Cruella de Vil to the game could be hazardous to your health. Besides always having a cigarette in her hand, I'd be weary of what she would like to make out of the mascot's furry skin.

  • Temper, temper! 11 of 21
    donald duck

    If there's one fan that would get fired up when the opponent team scores, it's Donald Duck. If he doesn't control his temper during the game, he could risk getting all of you thrown out of the stadium!

  • Colorful team uniforms? 12 of 21
    sleeping b, dress

    If Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather can't make a decision in one accord — especially when it comes to what color uniforms the teams are wearing — you just might see a one-of-a-kind football game. Not only might there be a game-changing play, but the uniforms would be changing color, too!

  • The sleeping fan! 13 of 21
    sleepy, snow white

    If there's one annoying person at a football game, it's the fan that gets caught napping! Sleepy, one of Snow White's seven dwarfs, will be the one shown on the Jumbotron, sleeping the game away!

  • Watch out for your food! 14 of 21
    the lion king

    Pumbaa is a crazy party animal, but you would constantly have to keep an eye out on your food — I heard he's a real hog!

  • The annoying know-it-all! 15 of 21
    emperors new groove

    One of the worst things in any group of people is having a know-it-all. Kuzco, the selfish 18-year-old emperor in The Emperor's New Groove, might ruin your time at the stadium. What with all the talking about himself and his so-called kingdom, the fun time at the football game might be finished before it even starts!

  • Snack fetcher! 16 of 21
    Snow white seven dwarfs

    If you have a hankering for some hot dogs or popcorn, don't send Dopey! You might end up with your order messed up, or worse — all over your lap!

  • The downer! 17 of 21

    There's be that moment when you want to cheer your favorite team on, and Eeyore would only find the bad things about cheering. Not good!

  • Rowdy fans! 18 of 21
    wreck it ralph

    Ralph from Wreck it Ralph has learned his lesson on being nice, but he's still in the "wrecking" business. When things get a little hairy on the field, you just might have a crazed fan sitting right next to you!

  • The absurd fan! 19 of 21
    pub- gaston

    We've all seen those die-hard fans that wear nothing but paint on their bodies. I can totally see Gaston from Beauty and the Beast doing that, just to show off his muscles. Show off...

  • Possessive! 20 of 21
    up,  eating

    If there is ever one character that is super-possessive, it has to be Charles F. Muntz from the movie Up.  He is extremely territorial and will not let up if you try to mess with anything that he likes! Good luck if your team is playing opposite his!

  • The three clans, unite! 21 of 21
    clans fighting, Brave

    If die-hard fans are what you want, then look no further than the clans featured in Brave. Having the rowdiest, loudest bunch in the stadium will be distracting and dangerous. If they have fans from both teams within the group, things will get out of control faster than you can say, "We're going to the Super Bowl!"

Photo Source: Walt Disney Studios and Pixar Studios

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