23 Eligible Disney Bachelors

Disney movies are replete with beautiful “happily ever afters” involving little white doves and almonds stamped with monograms and dipped in pastel-colored chocolate no doubt, but what about certain singles that don’t catch the eye of a central character?

With the repository of matchable menfolk sitting in Disney’s vaults, let’s just say there’s plenty of marriageable material to make merry with.

You know you’ve thought about it.

Go on, satisfy your curiosity:

  • These 23 Disney bachelors know how to make magic… each in their own way. 1 of 18
    Disney Bachelors

    It's ok. We've all thought about it.

  • The Boy Next Door 2 of 18

    Over the course of three movies, Andy has gone from a sweet little boy to a charming, college-bound man. And hey, being good with kids, plus having a sense of sentimentality goes a long way in capturing the affections, don't you think?

  • The Hippie 3 of 18

    This New Age Philosophy Major and Scarer hopeful is a little bit of a loose canon, but in the best way possible. Not only is Art all about laughing with you - and crying with you - but he keeps a dream journal too. He's deep, you guys. Deep.

  • The Englishman 4 of 18

    Take it from Mary Poppins herself: "Oh, it's a jolly holiday with you, Bert/ Gentlemen like you are few/ Though you're just a diamond in the rough, Bert/ Underneath your blood is blue!/ You'd never think of pressing your advantage/ Forbearance is the hallmark of your creed/ A lady needn't fear when you are near/ Your sweet gentility is crystal clear!/ Oh, it's a jolly holiday with you, Bert/ A jolly, jolly holiday with you!/"

    Can't get much more of a ringing endorsement than that! That he's a dapper Englishman doesn't hurt anything either.

  • The Rogue 5 of 18
    Captain Jack Sparrow

    There's just something about a pirate, isn't there? And, while the ever-elusive Captain Jack Sparrow wouldn't be the easiest of men to tie down, we sure would like to try! Savvy?

  • The One We Love to Hate 6 of 18

    So Gaston met his end in Beauty and the Beast. Still, it was never proven. Besides, this list wouldn't be complete without him as an impressive specimen of manly burl and brawn, even if the only person he loves more than himself is... wait.

  • The Life of the Party 7 of 18

    You know the hilarity that ensues every single time you watch Genie get down in Aladdin's big "Friend Like Me" number? That. Always that. No, really. The whole granting wishes thing is totally secondary.

  • The Top Dog 8 of 18

    One of the most famous faces in the "Fab Five," Goofy has it good. Golf clubs, a car, his own house in Toontown? The man has got it together.

  • The Honest One 9 of 18
    Jiminy Cricket

    Jiminy will never steer you wrong.

  • The Royal 10 of 18
    King Triton

    If you're into a May-December kind of thing, King Triton is your man. That he comes complete with an entire undersea kingdom to boot isn't so bad either.

  • The Crazy One 11 of 18
    Mad Hatter

    Tell me the Mad Hatter wouldn't be an absolute HOOT to hang out with. There would always be tea. And very merry unbirthdays. And a little dormouse that sings "Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat."

  • The Country Boy 12 of 18

    Mater knows we all like him for his body.

  • The One Who Won’t Grow Up 13 of 18
    Peter Pan

    Ok, ok, so Peter Pan never wants to grow up. Still, it might be nice to channel your inner child and think happy thoughts and fly. IN NEVERLAND.

  • The Tenderheart 14 of 18

    Sulley's come a long way since his days at Monsters University. Top of his game at Monsters Inc. and one of the most famous Scarers of all time, he's a real go-getter. Better yet, under all that swagger he's really just sweet as a kitty.

  • The Package Deal 15 of 18
    The Seven Dwarfs

    One of seven dwarfs to suit your every mood.

  • The Underdog 16 of 18
    Wee Dingwall

    As son of a Scottish Lord, Wee Dingwall really has a lot going for him if you think about it. And he is the only clan member who actually hit the target during the archery challenge in Brave. All he needs is a chance to show off his skills.

  • The Cowboy 17 of 18

    Dapper and daring, Woody is a classic, old-fashioned gentleman. Giddyup.

  • The Gamer 18 of 18

    Just a regular guy looking for a little "wreck-ognition," Ralph has learned an important lesson about finding happiness in life: it's never too late to restart.

Photo credits: Walt Disney Studios, Disney-Pixar

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