25 Amazing Etsy Odes to The Little Mermaid! (Photos)

The Little Mermaid is swimming into our lives again! And you know, Ariel is always welcome to visit. On October 1st, the Diamond Edition of the beloved Disney classic will be released for the first time on Blu-ray! And there is SO much more Disney magic on this new DVD release. There are a ton of deleted scenes, exclusive “making of” videos, a Disney Intermission (Crab-E-Oke Sing-Along), a “Part Of Your World” music video Featuring Carly Rae Jepsen, and oodles more. Plus, there is a limited theater release in theaters with the  Little Mermaid Second Screen experience, where theater-goers are encouraged to bring their iPads for interactive fun during the movie. Yes, Ariel is back and better than ever!

In celebration of The Little Mermaid, we’ve put together a collection of wonderful Etsy tributes to the film and everyone’s favorite finned female.

Check out these amazing Etsy odes right here:

  • The Little Mermaid! 1 of 26

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  • The Sea 2 of 26

    A very unique take on The Little Mermaid in this minimalist poster.

    Photo Source: Etsy/ rowansm, $20

  • Ariel Jacket 3 of 26

    This fleece girls hoodie is so beautifully designed! Great attention to detail!

    Photo Source: Etsy/ MagicPrincessWhitney, $105

  • His and Her Shirts 4 of 26

    Ariel and Eric shirts for real life couples.

    Photo Source: Etsy/DsWishingWell, $39

  • Ariel Swims 5 of 26

    A gorgeous interpretation of The Little Mermaid.

    Photo Source: Etsy/ FADEGrafix, $18.95

  • Ariel Dress 6 of 26

    A beautifully executed Ariel costume; perfect for Halloween!

    Photo Source: Etsy/ BITSnSCRAPS, $120

  • Ursula 7 of 26

    For those Ursula fans out there, this is a wonderful tribute to the big bad.

    Photo Source: Etsy/FADEGrafix, $18.95

  • Hair Clip 8 of 26

    How adorable is this Ariel hair clip?!?

    Photo Source: Etsy/BEgirlyCreations, $4

  • Ariel Necklace 9 of 26

    This is a beautiful piece of jewelry for any Ariel fan.

    Photo Source: Etsy/ rozmarine, $12

  • Charmed 10 of 26

    A very charming Ariel silhouette double signed necklace.

    Photo Source: etsy/ TheGreenDaisyShop, $22.50

  • Toms 11 of 26

    A sweetly painted pair of Ariel-inspired Toms.

    Photo Source: Etsy/ YirkasBoutique, $80

  • Red 12 of 26

    A very pop art minimalist ode to Ariel.

    Photo Source: Etsy/Stillash21, $20

  • Pretty 13 of 26

    This print by Annya Kai is a modern take on Ariel.

    Photo Source: Etsy/AnnyaKaiArt, $19.95

  • Vans 14 of 26

    A beautifully painted pair of Ariel Vans.

    Photo Source: Etsy/ whimsyrogue, $100

  • Tie 15 of 26

    How cute is this bow tie? Adorable.

    Photo Source: Etsy/Malabows, $8

  • Part of Your World 16 of 26

    A great tribute to the signature song.

    Photo Source: Etsy/ SimplySweetDesigns13, $18

  • Heels 17 of 26

    For the Ariel-loving adult, there are these high heel Ariel shoes!

    Photo Source: Etsy/PrettyMagicalGirl, $57.56

  • Dress 18 of 26

    Ariel The Little Mermaid Princess Chevron Pillowcase Dress, perfect for the little girl who loves Ariel.

    Photo Source: Etsy/ CookieBellaCreations

  • Crocheted 19 of 26

    How adorable is this Crocheted Amirugumi Doll?

    Photo Source: Etsy/Sahrit Pattern, $4.95

  • Baby Ariel 20 of 26

    Every baby needs one of these, don't you think?

    Photo Source: Etsy/TupeloHoneys

  • Fork 21 of 26

    This is pretty much one of the coolest posters ever!

    Photo Source: Etsy/Harshness, $15

  • Ariel Outline 22 of 26

    So simple, but so Ariel!

    Photo Source: Etsy/HoneyGallery, $10

  • Gorgeous 23 of 26

    This stunning portrait of Ariel is such a new interpretation.

    Photo Source: Etsy/ wholenewworldart

  • Ursula Necklace 24 of 26

    So cool! Unique and very Ursula.

    Photo Source: Etsy/adcdmc, $30

  • Ursula Day of the Dead 25 of 26

    So cool! A Day of the Dead-inspired Ursula.

    Photo Source: Etsy/ NutCracks

  • Flounder 26 of 26

    Who doesn't love Flounder? And this was created by our own Heather Sievers of Disney Voices!

    Photo Source: Etsy/TicketTrinkets, $30

The items in this post are not officially affiliated with the Disney brand.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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