25 Disneyland Halloween Decorations I Wish I Had at Home

A girl can dream can’t she? I enjoy both decorating for Halloween as well as honoring my loved ones who’ve passed on Day of the Dead. Which is why I’m pleased I’ve often had the good fortune of visiting the Disneyland Resort around this time of year. Disneyland Halloween decorations have always inspired me to stretch my creativity when I get back home and this year is no different.

Last weekend I was there again and I found myself taking photos of decorations throughout, all the while saying to myself, “I wish I had that one at home.”

So I’m sharing with you, my dear Halloween enthusiasts, this gallery of 25 Disneyland Halloween decorations I wish I had at home in hopes you’ll be inspired too.

  • 25 Disneyland Halloween Decorations 1 of 26
    Disneyland Halloween Decorations

    Getting ready for Halloween? Get some inspiration from these 25 Disneyland Decorations. Click through to see them all.

    Photo credit: ©Disneyland Park

  • Big Pumpkin 2 of 26
    Halloween pumpkin

    Here's a not so hidden Mickey greeting visitors to the resort.

    Photo credit:  ©Silvia Martinez -

  • Smily Pumpkins 3 of 26
    Carved Pumpkins and flowers

    Jack O' Lanterns in their autumnal best in Frontierland.

    I would love to place these on my front porch to greet trick or treaters.

    Photo credit:  ©Silvia Martinez -

  • Calaca Garland 4 of 26

    This la calaca garland, complete with the colors of the Mexican flag and multicolor chiles, caught my eye right away at the Rancho del Zocalo restaurant!

    It would look great along the fence in front of my house.

    Photo credit:  ©Silvia Martinez -

  • Sally 5 of 26
    Sally Pumpkin

    An intricately carved and painted Sally looks smashing on her pumpkin.

    How wonderful to have this looking out my front window, greeting all who pass by.

    Photo credit:  ©Silvia Martinez -

  • Skeleton 6 of 26

    This display includes many of the typical elements of a Day of the Dead display that you might see in a Mexican home, including the la calaca skeleton, yellow and orange cempazúchitl flowers, and fruit near Rancho del Zocalo.

    We do our Day of the Dead display in the family room where this would go perfectly. I would add water and a photograph of my abuelita.

    Photo credit:  ©Silvia Martinez -

  • Pumpkin Paper Lamp 7 of 26
    Pumpkin Paper Lamp

    This paper lantern hanging from a tree lights the way in Frontierland.

    Perfect to light the path in my backyard.

    Photo credit:  ©Silvia Martinez -

  • Black Cat 8 of 26
    Black Cat

    A metallic black cat perches on a post in Frontierland. Boo!

    I would place a candle or jack o' lantern behind it to cast a spooky shadow.

    Photo credit:  ©Silvia Martinez -

  • Happy Halloween Painting 9 of 26
    Happy Halloween Painting

    In Frontierland, this charming old-fashioned-style painting depicting a small child and dog, illustrates the park's family friendly atmosphere during the season.

    My mother-in-law would love to display this in a half wine barrel on her front porch.

    Photo credit:  ©Silvia Martinez -

  • Disney’s Halloween Time 10 of 26
    Halloween Time Logo

     A lightpost welcomes visitors with a full palette of autumn leaves and Mickey.

    Photo credit:  ©Silvia Martinez -

  • Mariachi Skeleton 11 of 26
    Mariachi Squeleton

    Papel picado, a la calaca band, festive lights and sombreros welcome visitors at the Day of the Dead display near Rancho del Zocalo. 

    These guys would go great in the gazebo along with some fun music in the background.

    Photo credit:  ©Silvia Martinez -

  • Haunted Mansion Paper Lantern 12 of 26
    Haunted Mansion Paper lamp

     A Halloween-themed paper lantern near Main Street USA

    These would be great for a favor at a Halloween party.

    Photo credit:  ©Silvia Martinez -

  • Goofy’s Pumpkin 13 of 26
    Pumpkin at Goofy's house

     Near Goofy's house, a pumpkin, watermelons, and corn wait for him to take them home.

    Photo credit:  ©Silvia Martinez -

  • Singing Pumpkin 14 of 26
    Pumpkin with guitar

     A pumpkin-headed, singing cowboy belts one out in Frontierland. 

    He would be great in the front yard with some country music piped in and some hay bales for guests to sit on.

    Photo credit:  ©Silvia Martinez -

  • Mr. Pumpkin 15 of 26
    Pumpkin guy

    Is it just me? Or is there a ghost in front of this pumpkin-headed gentleman in Frontierland?

    Photo credit:  ©Silvia Martinez -

  • Pumpkin Mickey 16 of 26
    Pumpkin Mickey

    I'm going to try this Mickey Jack O' Lantern at home.

    Photo credit:  ©Silvia Martinez -

  • Orange Frame 17 of 26
    Halloween Frame

     This colorful, floral, autumn wreath would go great around a mirror in my front hall.

    Photo credit:  ©Silvia Martinez -

  • Tomb 18 of 26
    Halloween tomb

    Resting in peace, tombstones. Who's is it?

    Photo credit:  ©Silvia Martinez -

  • Catrina 19 of 26

    This Catrina is spectacular in her colorful gown, bouquet of cempazúchitl and fancy hat.

    This Catrina is spectacular in her colorful gown, bouquet of cempazúchitl and fancy hat. She would be perfect placed right in the middle of my rose garden!

    Photo credit:  ©Silvia Martinez -

  • Halloween Basket 20 of 26
    Halloween basket

     An autumn harvest basket including apples, pumpkin, dahlias and more in Frontierland. 

    My front door would look great all the way through Thanksgiving.

    Photo credit:  ©Silvia Martinez -

  • Scarewrow 21 of 26
    Harvest Doll

    A happy scarecrow rests on a pile of pumpkins in Frontierland. 

    I would sit him right down next to the cowboy pumpkin singer.

    Photo credit:  ©Silvia Martinez -

  • Donald Duck Pumpkin 22 of 26
    Donald Duck Pumpkin

    This Jack O' Lantern is just ducky! 

    Where would you put him? I'm thinking next to the front gate.

    Photo credit:  ©Silvia Martinez -

  • Pumpkin Centerpiece 23 of 26
    Pumpkin Centerpiece

    Here's a little inspiration for your centerpiece designs this fall.

    Photo credit:  ©Silvia Martinez -

  • Wreaths at the Haunted Mansion 24 of 26
    Disneyland's Haunted Mansion

    Black wreaths with skull centers adorn the Haunted Mansion near New Orleans Square. 

    These decorations would make my house look extra spooky on All Hallows Eve. 


    Photo credit: ©Liz Cerezo-Family is Familia

  • Jack and Sally 25 of 26
    Jack and Sally

    Jack Skellington and Sally give new meaning to happily! ever! after! in their old-fashioned carriage. 

    If they ever need a new home, I have room next to my car in the driveway.

    Photo credit: ©Liz Cerezo-Family is Familia

  • Disneyland Pumpkin 26 of 26
    Disneyland Pumpkin

    A giant Mickey bids us farewell at the end of Main Street USA. Happy Halloween!

    Photo credit:  ©Disneyland


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