4 Hidden Character Easter Eggs in Disney’s Frozen

We all know “hidden gems” or “easter eggs” are a well-established part of the Disney movie-making lexicon, which means we’ve gotten pretty good at spotting them over the years.

Beast hidden among the sultan’s tower of stacking toys in Aladdin; Scar in Hercules; Belle, Pumbaa and Aladdin’s Magic Carpet in The Hunchback of Notre Dame; Nemo in Monsters Inc., Sebastian in Aladdin; and even Mickey, Donald, and Goofy among the guests at King Triton’s concert in The Little Mermaid have all become sources of spot-the-magic awesome. And those are just off the top of my head.

Now it’s Frozen‘s turn to reveal some pretty cool secrets borrowed from movies past:

Surprise! 1 of 5
Can you spot these four Frozen surprises before reading the caption? Let it go, and see what happens...
Welcome to Arendelle! 2 of 5
Elsa's coronation of course draws guests from far-away lands — and movies. Tangled's Eugene Fitzherbert (Flynn Rider) and his brunette beauty of a bride, Rapunzel, even made the guest list.
Sweet Repeat 3 of 5
Anna's affinity for chocolate summons sweet treats all the way from Wreck-It Ralph's Sugar Rush!
House of Mouse 4 of 5
Disney's famous icon makes the quickest of cameos in Wandering Oaken's Trading Post and Sauna. Can you see the teeny tiny Mickey Mouse plush sitting on the lowest shelf? Once you spot him, it's like you can't see anything else!
Repurposed Painting 5 of 5
Artist Lisa Keene's painting — completed during the development phase of Tangled and based on "The Swing" by Jean-Honor Fragonard — made such an impression on Frozen filmmakers, it became part of Anna's signature song, "For the First Time in Forever," when she leaps into the air and mimics the painting's pose.

Photo credits: Walt Disney Animation Studios

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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