5 Great Nursing Locations at Walt Disney World

5 Great Nursing Locations at Walt Disney World

If you’ve ever visited Walt Disney World, you’ve likely noticed that guests of the park range in age from great-grandparents visiting for the twentieth time to tiny babies, in the parks for the first time. My first trip with children of my own included a toddler, so I understand firsthand how rough it can be to tackle the job of parenting a little one while chasing an older child through the parks. The bottom line is that sometimes it’s tough to stop experiencing the magic to take care of baby’s needs. Thankfully, there are many great nursing locations at Walt Disney World, including some that may not initially come to mind when looking around the parks. Here are 5 great nursing locations at Walt Disney World:

  1. Stage Shows: While standing in front of the Cinderella Castle Forecourt Stage in the Magic Kingdom isn’t exactly the best place to breastfeed a hungry baby, there are many shows in Disney Parks that provide a wonderful place to sit down and nurse while the rest of your family is entertained. One of my favorites is Finding Nemo: The Musical, in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.
  2. Quiet, Cool Attractions: Again, I’m not suggesting that you take the idea of nursing anywhere to a new extreme by feeding your infant while flying over London with Peter Pan, but there are actually a number of attractions that provide moms with a great nursing location without them needing to separate from their families. Two of my favorites are Country Bear Jamboree and Carousel of Progress in the Magic Kingdom. Just be warned — you will leave Carousel of Progress with “There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” stuck in your head.
  3. Films: There are a variety of films — especially within EPCOT’s World Showcase — that are great for moms who want to sit comfortably and nurse. Don’t forget films in other locations, however, including the 15 minute showing at the end of Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.
  4. Gardens and Play Spaces: All of the locations where tired parents go to find some shade and a place to rest also double as great breastfeeding locations. Tom Sawyer’s Island in the Magic Kingdom is ideal, with lovely white rockers situated along the “river.” Don’t forget the hidden locations like the beautiful courtyard in the U.K. Pavilion in EPCOT, generally deserted and quiet. Finally, check out the play areas perfect for your older children, such as The Boneyard in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.
  5. Baby Care Centers: Not wanting to nurse on the fly? Run out of a diaper bag supply and need a refill? Or just want to know an official nursing location in Walt Disney World? Walt Disney World Baby Care Centers are located within all four parks and offer everything you need from a rocking chair to a changing station.

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