5 Reasons Disney Princesses Should Instagram

Selfies, latergrams, filters, no filters  — we’re all addicted, so it’s no wonder Disney Princesses are too.

Well, in theory.

“If Disney Princesses had Instagram,” a series created by Belinda Tan of B for Bel, shows what some of our favorite Disney girls might document from their daily lives if they used the crazy popular app.

While chatting about her creative process over email, Tan said her faux gallery was inspired by a love of Disney as well as social media.

“We decided to join the both of them while including references to internet culture,” Tan says. “Everyone has grown up with the princesses, so in a way, we’re all curious about them, what they’re like, what goes on in their lives, and that’s what Instagram is for…”

What’s more, Tan took photos from Disney movies themselves to create a sense of suspended reality.

“We wanted to create a fun connection between scenes that the audience is familiar with but within a different, more modern context,” she says.

To that end, here are five reasons why I wish Snow White, Cinderella, Belle and the rest of the royal court (see Instagrams from all 11 Disney princesses at B for Bel) would actually use Instagram:

[collection type=’slideshow’ style=’classic’]


Photo credits: Walt Disney Pictures

Instagram photo creations: Belinda Tan

Please note that though magical, none of the images in this post are officially affiliated with the Disney brand.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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