7 Behind-the-Scenes Moments from Disney's New Original Series 'I Didn't Do It!'

IdidntdoitIt’s JaNEWary and The Disney Channel is premiering new programming, including the comic adventure-filled show: I Didn’t Do It

I was fortunate to go behind-the-scenes with my teenage daughter, where we met the cast of this hilarious new show.  I Didn’t Do It stars fan favorites, Olivia Holt and Austin North, as twins with a knack for getting into wacky predicaments. Rounding out the core cast are Piper Curda, Peyton Clark, and Sarah Gilman. Each episode begins at the end of an adventure gone awry, and then uncovers the story of what went wrong in a series of comical flashbacks.

In the premiere episode we’re treated to an explanation of why the house is filled with foam, how a goat got into the living room, and why pizza is dripping from the ceiling. 

Uh oh… sounds like the characters have some explaining to do!

The five high school freshman form an unlikely, but endearing crew of friends (already being compared to Friends) that have managed to stick together since the third grade. Elements of their earlier escapades are also revealed in flashbacks that you can look forward to throughout the season. Each character is completely unique and different, but somehow their differences work. Together, they’re better.


It was especially fun for me to tour the sets with my daughter, Ani, who is the exact same age as the characters on the show. My daughter was actually on the job for another news outlet, but agreed to help me out with my interviews. She shot selfies with each of the actors while we chatted with them.

With her help, we got them to open up about their characters, what it’s like to be on a Disney show, what their secret talents are, and what some of their favorite (and most embarrassing) moments on the show have been.

Click through the slide show to see her selfies and some of the interesting things we learned.

Watch the I Didn’t Do It trailer here and tune in January 17th at 9:40 pm to see the premiere. The show will join the Sunday Family Comedy Block on January 26th. You can watch new episodes each week at 8:30 pm. 

We loved seeing the sets and interviewing the cast to learn more about them, and their characters. We can’t wait to watch this show!

  • Behind the Scenes of Disney Channel’s "I Didn’t Do It" 1 of 9
  • Sitting at the Cool Table on the Set 2 of 9

    We interviewed the cast of  I Didn't Do It on the set of the cafeteria. It was remarkably realistic, with recycling containers, refrigerators full of juice drinks, nutritional posters, and a white board sign advertising the weekly specials. A lot happens in the high school cafeteria, and we were thrilled to sit at the "cool table" with the cast of this awesome new show. 

  • Touring the Basement Hangout Set 3 of 9

    While on set, we got to see Logan and Lindy's basement hangout, which was basically a teen dream space, but also full of realistic "basement-y" stuff like a laundry area with laundry waiting to be washed. It felt homey and inviting. We also got a peek at the colorful set for Rumble Juice, the smoothie bar that the teenagers like to hang out at. It's called Rumble Juice, because it's located under a train stop. Every time the Chicago train passes overhead, the whole place shakes. 

  • Olivia Holt as Lindy 4 of 9

    Olivia Holt plays Lindy, twin sister to Logan. She's a driven student, and a good friend. She has a positive outlook and wants the best outcome possible for her friends. We got the feeling that these are traits Olivia shares with her character. She reported that she and the cast mates were all super close in real life and had become fast friends since starting the show. They were all planning a group ice skating trip while we chatted. Olivia feels quite at home on the set of I Didn't Do It, as it uses the same soundstage where she filmed the popular show Kickin' It. Although Olivia is a talented gymnast, we shouldn't expect to see Lindy walking on her hands, something that she likes to do around friends and family just for fun. Too bad! We'd love to see that! 

  • Austin North as Logan 5 of 9

    Austin plays Logan, Lindy's twin brother and polar opposite. He's a laid back and chill guy with a penchant for epic adventures. Austin told us he's also pretty laid back and chill, but gracefully declined to tell us if he's gotten into similar scrapes in his own life. He's had a blast shooting the show with his fellow cast-mates and loves the crazy stuff they do; so far he's been covered in blue slime and spaghetti sauce. Austin is quite the heart throb already, and his character Logan is sure to win more admirers. Austin also let us know that his secret talent is playing the drums. Did you already know that? 

  • Sarah Gilman as Delia 6 of 9

    Sarah plays the lovable and eccentric Delia. She's always ready for an adventure with her friends. Sarah describes herself as quirky and a little random too, and she loves the fun wardrobe her character gets to wear. Although Delia is not as boy crazy as her friend Jasmine, we suspect she will have a love interest; Sarah told us that Delia was going to be involved in a text only relationship in an upcoming episode. Sarah is really enjoying being part of the show and is also a big Disney fan. When describing her dream lunchbox, she wished for one that was a replica of Elsa's (from Frozen) ice castle. Right on! We'd buy that! 

  • Peyton Clark as Garrett 7 of 9

    Peyton Clark plays Garrett, a character he describes as "high strung, high energy and tense." He described himself as "high strung, high energy and tense." His best friend on the show is Logan. Peyton advises eating chicken when you dine in cafeterias, and we can't help but wonder if this has something to do with an upcoming episode. Peyton said the most embarrassing episode to film was when his character Garrett was having trouble digesting some vegetables. That's not all -- we were impressed with Peyton's secret talents -- he's great at wiggling his nose. 

  • Piper Curda as Jasmine 8 of 9

    Piper Curda plays Jasmine, the flirt. She's the most socially outgoing and dramatic of the group. Piper has been homeschooled and isn't quite as boy crazy as her character, but she relates to her character's loyalty. She really loves the way each character on the show is so different, which means that more viewers will be able to relate to them. Piper told us that being on a Disney show is always fun (we believe her after touring the set!). She also told us the most embarrassing scene she's filmed involved some DIY make-up application with assorted fruits and berries. 

  • Super Selfies! 9 of 9

    The cast of I Didn't Do It were all super sweet and down to earth. We had a blast shooting selfies and chatting with them. It's such a promising show -- one that teens will surely relate to, if my daughter is any indication. She saw herself fitting right in with the gang as she heads into her own freshman year of high school. We can't wait to watch the premiere of their show on January 17th at 9:40 pm.

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