7 Disney Infinity Inspired Vacations

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The collages of Monsters University, the old west of The Lone Ranger, the tropical islands of Pirates of the Caribbean; those are all examples of the places you can go with Disney Infinity. That’s one of the coolest things about the gaming unit, being able to go on adventures to amazing places (with some of our favorite Disney characters) without leaving the comfort of your own home. But let’s say you did want to leave town, go into the world and have a vacation worthy of one of the Disney Infinity characters? Where would Jessie, Buzz Lightyear, or The Incredibles go on vacay?

Check out these Disney inspired vacations, a way to journey and make memories that will last from infinity and beyond!

  • Disney Infinity Inspired Vacations! 1 of 14
    Infinsity Vacat

    Check out these Disney Infinity inspired vacations!

  • Woody and Jessie 2 of 14
    woody jessie

    Where would Woody and Jessie of Toy Story go on vacation?

  • A Dude Ranch! 3 of 14

    Woody and Jessie would totally go back to their roots and hit up a dude ranch! They would saddle up, go riding, and perhaps a wee bit of wrangling. The Black Mountain Ranch in Colorado offers all that and more, a great way to embrace the favorite pair's cowboy culture.

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  • Lone Ranger 4 of 14

    Where would the Lone Ranger and Tonto go on vacation?

  • Utah! 5 of 14

    As in the movie, they fit right in with the gorgeous scenic vistas of Utah. Here, they'd ride their horses through Monument Valley. Utah also has plenty of white water rafting, horseback riding as well places where they will feel VERY comfortable like in the historic spots that honor the Old West.

    You can find out more about visiting Utah and getting in touch with your inner Lone Ranger right here.

  • The Pirates of the Caribbean 6 of 14

    Where would the Pirates of the Caribbean go on vacation...

  • The Caribbean! 7 of 14

    Okay, this is an easy one. Of course Jack Sparrow and the gang would just have to vacation in the Caribbean. An idea spot would be Peter Island Resort in the British Virgin Islands. It's a little sliver of paradise with white sand beaches and gorgeous blue waters. The beach above just happens to be called "Deadman's Beach," which would be perfect for the Pirates gang. They may not find treasure hidden in the sand but they will find peace and quiet.

    You can find out more about the Peter Island Resort right here.

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  • Buzz Lightyear 8 of 14

    Where would Buzz Lightyear go on vacation?

  • Outer Space! 9 of 14

    Buzz would not be at home at a Dude Ranch like his pals Woody and Jessie, instead he would go on a vacation that would be out of this world, literally.

    Our pick for Buzz would be a journey on the Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson's commercial space adventure company. Guests will be thrust into space 50,000 feet into the atmosphere. To "infinity and beyond?" No, but it's still a pretty epic journey.

    Photo Source: Virgin Galatic

  • Jack Skellington 10 of 14

    Where would Jack Skellington of Nightmare Before Christmas go on vacation?

  • Lightning McQueen 11 of 14

    Where would Lightning McQueen go on vacation? 

  • Road Trip! 12 of 14

    There are no beach or cruise vacations for Lightning McQueen. A perfect vacation for him would be a road trip...of course! 

    And in honor of Cars, take a long and leisurely trip down Route 66 and around all sorts of back roads around America! It would make for a very Cars worthy adventure.

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  • The Incredibles 13 of 14

    Where would the Incredibles go on a family vacation?

  • New York City! 14 of 14
    Statue of Liberty in New York City

    The Incredibles would have an amazing time in New York City. They could go see some Broadway shows, play in Central Park, go to the Natural History Museum and in their spare time, they could fight some crime while they're there!

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