8 Ways to Decorate for the Holidays With Disney Infinity

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We’re the kind of family that likes to wait until Thanksgiving is over before we start decorating for Christmas. We’re funny like that.

Well, check your calendars, Thanksgiving is over, and that means it is time to turn our living room into a winter wonderland. We’re patient, but we’re enthusiastic.

This year we decided to get creative and include some of the kids’ favorite toys in the act. After all, there is nothing more magical than seeing a Christmas morning smile on the face of a toy … er, kid, and what better toy to include than a Disney Infinity character? Or, in our case, all of them.

I told you we are enthusiastic.

The boys had a lot of ideas, but as our tree isn’t up yet we couldn’t put the Lone Ranger as the star on top, and helping Jack Skellington take over Christmas makes for good entertainment, but I’m pretty sure actually committing the act would be a felony.

That said, we found plenty of other ideas (eight to be exact), and I hope you like them:

  • Toys Will Be Toys 1 of 8

    No matter how many times you tell the kids to stay out of the advent calendar or manger scene, there is a good chance that everything becomes a plaything before the season is over. Why not cut right to the chase and use Disney Infinity characters to create your holiday magic? Everybody wins!

  • Monster on the Shelf 2 of 8

    Elves have all that commute time and traffic to deal with, all a helpful monster needs is a good door. What's better than a scare for Christmas?

  • Wrapping With Style 3 of 8

    Giving a gift to that special space ranger on your list? This is a lot more fun than a name tag!

  • Protector of Milk and Cookies 4 of 8

    Whether you want to put a force field around Santa's treats to keep out the late night household hungers or entice St. Nick into an elaborate holiday scheme, the characters of Disney Infinity are up to the challenge!

  • Entertain Out of Town Guests 5 of 8

    There are a lot of seasonal guests arriving around the holidays, and there's nothing like a little down-home charm to make them feel welcome. Feel free to write your name on the bottom of their shoes.

  • Save the Plate 6 of 8

    Let guests decide which Disney Infinity character best matches their personality and hilarity will ensue! Place a character at each place on the dinner table and see who picks whom as their dining companion.

  • Ornaments 7 of 8

    Disney Infinity characters are just the right size to decorate a tree. However, they'd probably rather be in the game! (Note, the non-Cars characters pictured are actual ornaments.)

  • The Nutcracker 8 of 8

    Cracking nuts (also, legumes) takes a lot of power and strength. Why break a sweat when you have Disney Infinity characters to lend a hand? Note: Don't really try to open a nut with a Disney Infinity character — that won't end well for anyone. We're talking decorations! (Mr. Incredible is the Disney Infinity character, Chip and Dale are ornaments.)

What holiday decorating ideas do you have for Disney Infinity characters?


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