A Day With LEGO and Star Wars

LEGO Star WarsWe are a family of simple pleasures. We enjoy walks on the beach, a good book, LEGO, and Star Wars. That’s the big four, although there are allowances for seasonal offerings.

That said, you can imagine how excited we get when two of our favorite things work together — it’s like chocolate and peanut butter all over again! No, this is not a post about reading a book on the beach, but man, that’s good.

I’m talking about Star Wars and LEGO. Again. I know, I can’t help it. And no, this isn’t sponsored content and I haven’t received any sort of compensation to write about it, unless you count smiles and memories, then I guess I received a lot. It’s complicated.

There’s a new LEGO store in the area, where area means I will now start going to the second closest mall instead of the one I used to frequent (What? Mall-walking is a legitimate sport/leisure activity!). Now if one of the malls actually get a Disney Store then everything is back on the table, but for now, we lean toward the LEGO experience.

My boys and I attended a special event yesterday to celebrate the opening of the new LEGO store because it provided us the opportunity to meet the very first LEGO Master Builder, Mr. Paul Chrzan, but also the chance to help build a giant Yoda. Fun fact: nobody judges 8′ tall Yoda by his size.


It was an amazing experience.

Mr. Chrzan is a very pleasant and charming guy, and his love of LEGO is obvious and contagious — everyone in a 30′ radius appeared to have the building bug. He was more than happy to speak with us and take a few pictures. The force is strong in him.

Master Builder LEGO Yoda Star Wars LEGO Yoda

To tell you the truth, my boys have had a rough time lately, and having a chance to escape into a world of building and creativity, even for a couple of hours, that was a wonderful way to let their respective imaginations do what imaginations are supposed to do. I like to think that Yoda would approve.

LEGO and Star Wars are good like that.


Photos by W. Honea

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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