Amazing Disneyland Jack-o’-Lanterns of Main Street

I love checking out all the amazing Disneyland Jack o Lanterns each year. All through the parks – there are so many designs and clever groupings. It’s inspirational, and helps me come up with ideas for my own decor.

This year Disneyland has outdone itself, with pumpkins perched up high all along the entire length of Main street.

From City Hall right down to the Carnation Cafe, there are a wide variety of characters peeping down at you from atop balconies, awnings, movie marquees and windowsills. Each group seems to tell its own story. The decor only gets better after dark when the jack o lanterns light up with an eerie glow.

Here are a few of my favorite characters (and what I imagine they are thinking) from a recent visit to the park.  Many of these are new this year, but my very most favorite Jack o Lantern is one that we like to visit every year. Scroll through the slide show to the very end to see which one that is!

  • Jack o Lanterns of Main Street Disneyland 1 of 16
  • Welcome Wagon 2 of 16

    The Jack o Lanterns above City Hall welcome guests to the park

  • Mickey-o-Lanterns 3 of 16

    The lanterns on Main Street are all decked out for Halloween

  • Stacked 4 of 16

    Stacking Jack o Lanterns always makes for a fun display

  • Mismatched 5 of 16

    I love the short and "fat" with the tall and "thin" pumpkin combo here.

  • What’s So Funny? 6 of 16

    These pumpkins are clearly enjoying an inside joke.

  • I’ll Watch the Shop 7 of 16

    If these guys could greet guests coming in an out of the store, I am certain they would. They might even offer to hold your packages and help you find what you were looking for.

  • Gang’s all here! 8 of 16

    This rowdy group looks like they might be trouble.

  • Busted! 9 of 16

    These pumpkins look like they were caught orange handed

  • All Star Pumpkins 10 of 16

    Movie Marquees are a great place for Jack o Lanterns

  • Can I Come With You? 11 of 16

    These pumpkins want to be a part of your trick or treating gang

  • Lightweights 12 of 16

    Not really Jack-o-lanterns but these balloons are fun and floaty and have that Jack o Lantern feel. 

  • The Results are In 13 of 16

    These Jack o Lanterns were just admiring your costume. Or maybe not... 

  • Mickey de La Resistance 14 of 16

    This massive Mickey o Lantern is THE spot to get your Halloween shot. It's a classic that we love to see every year.

  • Not So Scary 15 of 16

    This Jack o Lantern needs a hug

  • All Lit Up 16 of 16

    This Mickey o Lantern is even more amazing at night.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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