Babble Disney Voices as Disney Characters

Some people are great at ordering the best item on the menu. Other’s have a knack for accessorizing. A few lucky people know the phone is going to ring, and who’s calling, even before the screen on their phone lights up.

My superpower is telling people who would play them, in the movie version of their life.

I decided to try and apply this power, reverse engineer style, to my friends and fellow Disney Voices writers, telling them which Disney Characters I’d cast THEM as. Just in time for Halloween.

Here’s who I see playing/dressing as who…

Scroll through to the end to see who my family cast ME as!

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  • Casting Call 1 of 13

    Just in time for Halloween, I've imagined some of Babble's Disney Voices as Disney Characters. 

  • Sunny as Aurora 2 of 13

    Aurora is Sunny's middle name so I may be typecasting. I think the resemblance is striking! 

  • Silvia as Snow White 3 of 13

    Silvia was easy to cast as Snow White. I look at her and it is obvious! 

  • Pilar as Vanellope 4 of 13

    Like Vanellope, Pilar has got game! 

  • Liz as Silvermist 5 of 13

    One of the nicest Babble Disney Voices writer, Liz is a perfect fit for Silvermist, one of the nicest fairies. 

  • Jeannette as Belle 6 of 13

    Jeanette has a lot in common with Belle - she is smart, kind and beautiful. 

  • Amy as Black Widow 7 of 13

    You might find this funny but don't laugh! Amy has mad skills. Don't mess with her. She's charming and surprising and never to be underestimated. 

  • Megan as Jane 8 of 13

    Not one to judge a book by its cover, Megan is always up for an adventure and an extremely good sport. 

  • Ana as Esmeralda 9 of 13

    Ana is pretty fearless. She's my pick for the streetwise heroine with a heart of gold. 

  • Disney Sisters as Flora Fauna and Merriweather 10 of 13

    Some casting calls are too easy. The Disney Sisters were already my good fairy friends. 

  • Heather as Giselle 11 of 13

    Every time I watch an Amy Adams film I think "Oh! It's Heather!" so this casting call was another easy one to make. 

  • Whit as Indiana Jones 12 of 13

    Often found wrangling kids in the parks, Whit is a Dad-venturer who would make an awesome Indy. 

  • Me as Wendy Darling 13 of 13

    Seamstress of separated shadows, believer of childhood dreams.  Done. I can play this role. 


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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