Behind the Scenes: 20 Things You Never Knew about The Disney Animated App

Disney Animation Studios recently released an app that has taken the Disney world by storm. The Disney Animated app takes us regular folks into the exciting world of animation, artifacts, and Disney history. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, take a look at the video. It will provide a glimpse into the amazing app:

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Disney Animated is for the young and old at heart. It takes 75 years of Disney magic that we’ve all come to know and love and compresses it into an app. Here are 20 amazing things you may not know about the Disney Animated app:

  • Interesting facts and more! 1 of 21
    Behind the Scenes 20 Things You Never Knew about The Disney Animated App

    Welcome to the world of Disney Animation! With the newly released app, Disney Animated, you'll be able to take a rare look at the backbone of Disney Animation.


    Click through for 20 facts and tidbits you may not know about Disney Animated.

  • Past, present, and future films 2 of 21

    Go back in time and travel into the future with this app. From Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to the upcoming animated film Frozen, with Disney Animated, you'll never miss a thing! The studios will subsequently add more films along the way as they are made.

  • 3D animation 3 of 21

    Did you know that you can animate Vanellope from Wreck-It Ralph using the same powerful 3D animation package adapted from real Disney software? Move her arms and legs and watch her come to life, right before your very eyes.

  • 75 years of color 4 of 21

    This impressive feature is one that will surely keep you on your iPad for hours on end. This is an interactive color map that includes each tiny frame from every Disney animated film over the years. Take The Little Mermaid, for example. When you see the blue tiles, those are the underwater shots. If you see earthy, colorful tones, those are the above-water shots. Same goes with day and night colors. Pretty amazing stuff!

  • Disney history, at your fingertips! 5 of 21

    The app is comprised of 10 individual chapters, each explaining in depth the history of the animation studio, which include characters, music, and so much more. For example, did you know that each individual page has an interactive video and is set to dive deep into the technology used in the movie? Give it a try and check it out for yourself! 

  • Rare artifacts 6 of 21

    Explore rare Disney artifacts, like this Hyacinth the Hippo from the movie Fantasia. We're talking about rare pieces from the Disney Vault!

  • First Mickey Mouse video clips 7 of 21
    early mickey clips

    Another gem in Disney Animated is an ultra rare video clip of the early drawings of Mickey Mouse. My kids got a kick out of seeing this for the very first time. I'm sure your kids will, too!

  • By the numbers! 8 of 21

    Disney Animated contains over 750 interactive illustrations, including more than 400 short animation clips, over  350 high-quality images from Disney's archives (including backgrounds, concept art, character sketches, and super-zoomable storyboards), 3D rotational photography of rare artifacts, and a unique Color Map that displays a sophisticated color summary and thumbnail frames from every scene from every one of Walt Disney Animation Studios' 52 released feature films in a single iPad image.

  • The future in animation 9 of 21
    frozen, disney animated

    The animated movie Frozen was still not done yet by the time the app came out, but the studio released assets to be exclusively available for the app while the movie was still in production.

  • A rare look at the Alice Comedies 10 of 21
    Alice Comedies, disney animated

    The Alice Comedies are Walt Disney's first animated cartoon series. They date back to 1924, and it's only through Disney Animated that you can take a firsthand look at some of these rare Disney archives.

  • Disney timeline 11 of 21

    Another impressive feature is the Disney Animation timeline. Here you'll be able to explore films on the app's timeline by the release year and original movie poster. We're talking real, vintage Disney movie posters, the first one being Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs!

  • Share your creations 12 of 21
    social sharings, disney animated

    Along with each creation that you make, you now have the chance to show your friends and family what a creative artist you are! Straight from the app, you can share on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube! You can also save your creations on your camera roll and/or send them by email.

  • So much magic in one little app 13 of 21

    Resting in the palm of your hands are 75 years of movies with over millions of hours of work. Technology has surely come a long way, especially when it comes to comparing movies made from the '40s and '50s to the '80s and '90s! This is evident as you make your way from the early Disney animated movies to the movies of today!

  • Disney magic for all to see 14 of 21
    Disney animated emerging art form

    Disney Animated is a collection of animators, artists, and technicians who came together to bring you, the fans,  an authentic experience, straight from the creative world of Walt Disney Animation Studios.


  • 90 years of Disney History 15 of 21
    art and motion, disney

    One of the chapters featured in the app is the Art and Motion chapter. This remarkable chapter goes through the first 90 years of Walt Disney's animation history. Check out early sketches of Mickey Mouse in a super rare animated "silent" video clip.

  • Rare video clips 16 of 21
    rabbit , hobbos

    Included in the app is a fully restored, in 16 millimeter print, exclusive clip from Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, in Hungry Hoboes! This was considered a lost cartoon that hasn't been featured in more than 50+ years!

  • Sneak peek of the movie Frozen 17 of 21
    frozen movie clip, disney animated

    Also featured for the movie Frozen is a pretty lengthy test clip from the movie — a clip that is only viewable trough this app.

  • Quotes from Walt Disney and more! 18 of 21
    walt disney, disney animated

    In the story chapter of the app, you can actually hear from Walt Disney himself, talking about storytelling from 1950. You can hear him talk about how he comes up with story ideas for movies. It's extraordinary to hear from the man who's brought so much to this world through these movies. I can listen to the soundbite over and over again.

  • Intensive storyboards 19 of 21
    storyboard, disney animated

    Along with each storyboard, you can pinch and zoom, right into the individual tiles and storyboards. The next best thing is to actually hold and touch each image used in a storyboard for an animated movie. You can't get better than this. I can't wait for you to try this feature out.

  • Pinocchio lost in time… 20 of 21

    Locked up in a cabinet, left forgotten for more than 55 years, a one-of-a-kind Pinocchio maquette was discovered in the basement of the studios a few years back. This marionette was used as reference for the animators when they were working on the movie Pinocchio. A decade or two passed by without no one noticing. On the app, there's an image where you can rotate and zoom in to see this profound Disney artifact. This is truly the gem of the app.

  • Backgrounds and more! 21 of 21
    staging, disney animated

    Included in the app is a unique feature of the book 12 Principles of Animation, straight from two of the original "Disney's 9 Old Men," Disney animators Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas. This was a book that was used back in the days of Walt Disney, and in fact, it's still being used today!  The app features examples on how the 12 principles are used in a variety of Disney Animated movies. If this doesn't make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, I don't know what will!


Photo Source: Walt Disney Animated Studios

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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