7 Best Chefs from Disney Movies to Help You Prepare Your Holiday Feast

If you’re planning a holiday feast in the next few weeks, I bet you’re going to need all the help you can get! Whether you’re cooking ham, turkey, or tamales, having an extra set of hands in the kitchen can be a big help. Imagine, if you will, having the choice of selecting your own private helper … a chef that is more than qualified to help with sautéing, baking, or poaching.

Care to take it up a notch? How about a Disney chef? There have been a variety of chefs that have made their Disney culinary debut in the movies, and I’m sure they’d be more than willing to go to your home and help with your holiday spread.

Check out 7 chefs that will help you out with your holiday cooking.

  • Baking, frying, or roasting? No problem! 1 of 8
    Best Disney Chefs to Help Prepare Your Holiday Feast

    If you need help in the kitchen this holiday season, check out the 7 best Disney chefs that can lend a hand (or paw) in the kitchen to help you prepare your holiday feasts.

  • Chef Louis 2 of 8
    little mermaid chef

    If French cuisine is on the menu for the holidays, you can't go wrong with having Chef Louis from The Little Mermaid over to help you cook. I hear he's a wiz in the seafood department.

  • Chef Remy 3 of 8
    remi, ratatouille

    Looking for a chef with exquisite taste and smell? Remy from the movie Ratatouille may be a rat, but I hear he can knock a scrumptious soup right out of the park. Go ahead, give him a try!

  • Tony from Lady and the Tramp 4 of 8
    lady and the tramp, meatball scene

    Hosting Italian night for your holiday party in a few weeks? Tony (who's not formally a chef, but a great cook) would be a wonderful help in the kitchen. His spaghetti and meatballs are always a big hit. Plus, if you ask nicely, he might even provide entertainment. Ask him to sing his #1 hit song, "That's Amore"!

  • Sushi Chef 5 of 8
    sushi chef, monsters inc

    If you want to approach the holidays in an unconventional way, serve some sushi! This should be a breeze to prepare if you have a chef with eight arms, right? Look at him working his magic in the movie Monster's Inc. I think this chef might be a winner!

  • Chef Tiana 6 of 8

    If your tastebuds are craving some food from the South, then I suggest you get a hold of Princess Tiana, asap! Ask her to prepare some beignets for your holiday party. I'm sure they'll be a huge hit!

  • Chef Epsilon 7 of 8
    up,  eating

    Ah, yes. I bet you didn't think of inviting this chef over to help with your holiday feast, right? No worries. If you're running late with preparing dinner, he can help out with dessert! Word in South America is he makes a delicious cherries jubilee! Yum!

  • The Swedish Chef 8 of 8
    swedish chef

    If you can work past the language and phonic barriers, then I'm sure the Swedish Chef from The Muppets would be a delight to have in your kitchen. I mean, besides his Swedish wit and overgrown eyebrows, he looks like a man with plenty of culinary experience. "Bork, Bork, Bork!"

So? Which one would you want to help you out this holiday season?

Photo Source: Walt Disney Studios and Pixar Studios

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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