Classic Disney Princess Paper Dolls

As a family of all girls,we did plenty of playing with dolls in our house. The three of us must have had hundreds between us. Dolls that crawl, dolls that walk, dolls that wet, dolls that laugh and cry. Not all at the same time – that would be creepy! We had Barbies, Disney Princesses and Cabbage Patch Kids.

One of our favorite types of dolls were (and still are) paper dolls. There is something about paper dolls that are so timeless. Even to this day, they remain a tres chic thing for little girls. They’re so vintage and cool. Remember flipping through the pages of a paper doll book until you found just the right outfit? It had to be in the same pose as the paper doll you were dressing, of course. Once you found the perfect ensemble, you’d gently tear it out of the book along the dotted lines, making sure not to rip it. Then laying it on top of the doll and folding down the tabs to make sure it stayed in place. A few minutes later going back to the book and doing it all over again. So imagine our pleasant surprise when we found this article on Free Printable Paper Dolls by Cool Mom Picks. Then we scrolled down and were even more thrilled to find these classic Disney Princesses! We just had to share these adorable classic Disney Princess Paper Dolls with you. Print them all out, after all they are free!

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All images used with permission of owner. Created by Paper Dolls by Gail. Thanks to Gail for generously allowing us to feature her artwork, and for allowing people to print these adorable paper dolls for free. If you’d like your own personalized paper dolls, see her other website Gail’s Paper Dolls.

The items in this post are not officially affiliated with the Disney brand. 


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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