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Have you ever wondered what scares your favorite Disney characters? Usually I’m focused on my own feelings during a scary scene, not theirs.

My kids have been playing and creating with their Disney Infinity since August, and Halloween has just flown by scaring the daylights out of my little one. I told him everyone gets scared from time to time.

All this got me to wondering about what scares our favorite Disney Infinity characters. So I thought it would be fun to look into it and find scary scenes featuring them to share with you. That way we can all show them a little empathy. After all, we all get scared from time to time, right? Even our favorite characters.

Click through the gallery below and let me know what you think…

  • What Scares Your Favorite Disney Characters 1 of 11
    Disney Infinity Characters

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  • Maternal Traumatophobia 2 of 11
    Mrs Incredible

    All moms know this one, even when you are elastic and nearly indestructible, you can still fear for your kids' safety.

    Mrs. Incredible is in a plane with her children, when she realizes they are being attacked by missiles. The plane is destroyed, but the family stays together.

  • Fear of the Unknown 3 of 11
    Mr. Incredible

    Even the most powerful can fear the unknown

    Mr. Incredible flies to a remote island in pursuit of a job opportunity, but he finds himself battling a nearly indestructible, gigantic metal ball. He trusts his instincts and wins!

  • Fear of One’s Own Strength 4 of 11
    Violet The incredibles

    Your own power can be scary.

    Violet is asked by her mother to use her power to protect them from an attack. She's afraid of her own strength and panics. She feels terrible afterward, but her mom quickly calms her.

  • Fear of Loss of Control 5 of 11

    Thinking you have control when, well, you don't, can be pretty scary.

    Syndrome kidnaps baby Jack-Jack out of revenge. He thinks he's in control. How could a baby be a threat, right? Wrong! Jack-Jack turns out to be a "little" more powerful than expected, and Syndrome gets the biggest scare of his life.

  • Fear of New Things 6 of 11
    Sulley Monsters Inc

    Thinking outside the box can be scary.

    A fear of new things is really a type of fear of the unknown, isn't it? Everybody knows kids cannot enter Monstropolis! If you come in contact with them, it could be fatal. So when Sulley finds Boo, his impulse is to run as fast as he can. But Boo steals his heart and Sulley becomes her protector. 

  • Fear of Making Mistakes 7 of 11
    Monsters Inc

    Thinking your best friend is making a mistake is frightening.

    Mike cannot understand why Sulley protects Boo. He is sure Sulley is making the biggest mistake of his life.

  • Fear of Loss 8 of 11

    It's terrifying to think you won't see your friends again

    Woody almost passes out from fear when he discovers the black trash bag his friends are waiting in has been put out for the trash truck!!

  • Thanatophobia 9 of 11
    Toy Story 3 incinerator

    Facing annihilation is petrifying.

    What a way to go! Buzz, Jessie, and Woody face their doom in the trash incinerator. They hold on to each other, saying goodbye with their eyes. Good thing the Aliens were there. Uff, that was close!

  • Fear of Loss of Freedom 10 of 11
    Lighting McQueen

    Incarceration is scary.

    All McQueen wanted to do was win the Piston Cup. Instead, he finds himself in a strange place with a police car chasing him. He thinks they're shooting at him and he ends up destroying the road and is arrested for it.

  • Fear of Being Caught 11 of 11
    McQuee, Mater and Frank

    Angry combine harvesters are scary.

    One of my favorite scenes ever is when Mater and McQueen go tractor tippin'. Their faces say it all when Frank awakes and starts chasing them. Brilliant!

Photo credit: ©Disney/Pixar


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