22 Favorite Disneyland Photos Plus Time Lapse Video

I’ve been visiting the Disneyland Resort pretty regularly for 12 years now. I know that’s much less than some of you and more than others, but it’s something I never thought would be possible when I was a little girl. I’ll tell you about that in another post. Anyway, every time I’m there, the magic infects me. I feel light on my feet and enjoy every minute. So we keep a special photo album of Disneyland pictures to hold onto the memories.

Each visit is different. Some days we want to conquer it all and ride as many attractions as we can. Some days we take it more easily and enjoy other lesser-known parts of the park, like Innoventions in Disneyland and The Animation Academy at Disney California Adventure. But one thing’s for sure, every day at Disneyland makes me feel younger and happier.

If you haven’t had your chance to visit yet, or if you just love seeing it from another person’s perspective, enjoy these pictures of some favorite attractions and magic moments. And if you click on this video, there’s a fascinating time lapse video of one day in Disneyland created by Matt Givot and Dan Douglas. They used over 20,000 images to create it!


  • Favorite Disneyland Pictures 1 of 23
    Favorite Disneyland Photos

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  • All Aboard! 2 of 23
    Disneyland Train

    On our first trip to Disneyland with our kids, we jumped on the train right away and rode it to Toontown. Riding the train is one of my favorite activities.


    Photo credit: ©Scott Brinegar/Disneyland

  • Ornament Valley 3 of 23
    Cars Land at night

    One of the spectacular views of Ornament Valley at night in Cars Land.

  • Sleeping Beauty Castle 4 of 23
    Disneyland Castle

    Sleeping Beauty's Castle. Don't miss a classic photo opportunity in front of this iconic attraction.


    Photo credit: ©Joshua Friend

  • Carthay Circle Restaurant 5 of 23
    Carthay Circle Tower -

    Sunset at Disney California Adventure and the soft light on the Carthay Circle Restaurant Tower.


    Photo credit: ©Silvia Martinez -

  • To Infinity and Beyond! 6 of 23
    Buzz Lightger Astroblasters

    Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters in Disneyland Park is a favorite for young and old. My kids would ride it over and over and over again if I would let them ... and sometimes I do.


    Photo credit: ©Disney Parks Photo Project.  Lindsey Garret, Photographer

  • Splash! 7 of 23
    Disneyland Hotel Pool

    The Disneyland Hotel went through a fantastic renovation a few months ago. You can still see the Disneyland sign and the monorail from the pool area. And don't forget to visit Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar while you're there!


    Photo credit: ©Disney Parks Photo Project.  Lindsey Garret, Photographer

  • Spectacular Fireworks 8 of 23
    Fireworks at Sleeping Beauty Castle

    No visit to Disneyland is complete without experiencing the spectacular fireworks at the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

    Photo credit: ©Scott Brinegar/Disneyland
  • Take the Elevator 9 of 23
    Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

    Take the elevator ... if you dare!!


    Photo credit: ©Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland

  • Paradise Pier 10 of 23
    Disney California Adventure

    One of my favorite views of Paradise Pier in Disney California Adventure, home of California Screamin', Mickey's Fun Wheel, Games on the Boardwalk, King's Triton Carousel, and Toy Story Midway Mania.


    Photo credit: ©Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland


  • Mark Twain Riverboat 11 of 23
    Mark Twain Riverboat

    There is something very special about the Mark Twain Riverboat. It is so grand! A perfect attraction if you need some time to relax.


    Photo credit: ©Silvia Martinez -


  • Luigi’s Casa della Tires 12 of 23
    Casa della Tires -

    I captured this moment one day right after Cars Land was inaugurated. The big beach balls add a lot of action to this fun attraction.


    Photo credit: ©Silvia Martinez -

  • Looking for Ghosts? 13 of 23
    Haunted Mansion

    Halloween Time is almost here! The Haunted Mansion is a must, especially during this season.


    Photo credit: ©Joshua Friend


  • Could you read me a story? 14 of 23
    Storybook Land

    Get in the boat, hear a story, and enjoy all the miniature towns in the Storybook Land Attraction in Disneyland Park.


    Photo credit: ©Silvia Martinez -

  • Castle and Balloons 15 of 23
    Sleeping Beauty Castle and Balloons

    Two of my favorite things at Disneyland: the Sleeping Beauty Castle and Mickey balloons. I love Disneyland balloons so much, I wrote a about them, right here.


    Photo credit: ©Joshua Friend

  • Mad T Party 16 of 23
    Mad T Party

    Music, colors, food, and more. Passing through the rabbit hole and entering the neon world of the Mad T Party at Disney California Adventure.


    Photo credit: ©Silvia Martinez -


  • Finding Nemo 17 of 23
    Finding nemo submarine voyage

    A stunning picture of the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage attraction in Disneyland Park. Perfect for the whole family.


    Photo credit: ©Joshua Friend

  • Toontown 18 of 23

    Feel like a kid again! Visit Mickey's house — he may even be there to greet you! And visit Minnie's house in Disneyland's Toontown.


    Photo credit: ©Silvia Martinez -

  • Hello Red 19 of 23
    Red Cars Land

    Come say hello to Red in Cars Land, but be careful — he may get you wet!


    Photo credit: ©Joshua Friend

  • Space Mountain 20 of 23
    Space Mountain

    Love the color and the action in this amazing picture of Space Mountain in Disneyland.


    Photo credit: ©Joshua Friend

  • World of Color 21 of 23
    World of Color -

    A marvelous show takes place at Paradise Pier in Disney California Adventure called World of Color. This is a must-see! Be aware, you can get soaked if you are in the front row!


    Photo credit: ©Silvia Martinez -

  • Spin ’round and ’round 22 of 23
    Tea cups Disneyland

    I see big smiles every time my family jumps into one of these colorful tea cups at Disneyland Park.


    Photo credit: ©Joshua Friend

  • Route 66 23 of 23
    Signs at Cars Land

    One of my favorites things to do at Cars Land is read all the signs around town, like these posted outside one of the stores.


    Photo credit: ©Silvia Martinez -



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