A New Way to Watch Finding Nemo: Crafts, Treats, and MORE

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When was the last time your family watched Pixar’s Finding Nemo?

Now that the kids are out of school and summer is almost upon us, this is the time to chill out and revisit this family classic. Lucky for all of us, Disney is making it ridiculously easy to do just that with their Disney Movies Anywhere, a title which you should take very literally.

This new app makes it easy to download Disney films to your iPhones, iPads, iPods, laptops, or TV (via Apple TV). Wanna watch a movie while camping, at the store, on the couch, or in the middle of a desert? You can. In celebration of all this awesomeness, Disney is rolling out a new Pixar movie every week this summer. This week (starting on Tuesday June 10th) it will be Finding Nemo (which you can purchase for the discounted price of $14.99 for one week only) which includes an exclusive interview with director Andrew Stanton. And for Disney Movies Anywhere members, there is a really cool video of “12 Surprising Facts About Finding Nemo,” narrated by the one and only John Ratzenberger available for viewing. We have an exclusive clip of three of the “surprising facts” for you below!

One of the best things about watching movies with this app is that you can experience movie-watching in an entirely new way. Since you’re not confined to your living room sofa, a movie like Finding Nemo can truly become an entire party. We’ve curated and also created a handful of cool crafts, treats, and ways to watch the movie to totally elevate the experience. Check them out here:

Watch Finding Nemo at the BEACH 1 of 7
The coolest thing about Disney Movies Anywhere is that you can watch the films, well, ANYWHERE. So, where's the best place to watch Finding Nemo? The beach! If you happen to live in a coastal town or are vacationing in one, this is a great way to have the kids take a break from all the sun and surf.

Photo Source: Sunny Chanel
Squirt Happy Turtle Cupcakes 2 of 7
Our pals at Spoonful shared these adorable Squirt cupcakes. Seriously, these are so cute that it would be hard to actually eat them. You can get the recipe right here.

Photo Source: Spoonful
Clownfish Flowers 3 of 7
For a cool craft that doubles as part of your party decor, make some clownfish flowers. Best of all, they won't wilt and don't actually need water. You can get the instructions from Disney Baby right here

Photo Source: Disney Baby
Do Your Nail Finding Nemo Style 4 of 7
For those who like to match their nails to their movie viewing, Disney Blogs shared this totally awesome Finding Nemo-inspired nail art design. You can get the instructions right here.

Photo Source: Disney Parks Blog
Just Keep Swimming T-Shirt 5 of 7
For movie viewing, make your own Finding Nemo inspired T-shirts. To make this "Just Keep Swimming" T-shirt, we made a wave-like stencil and used a small can of fabric spray paint to apply. My daughter then wrote the phrase in fabric pens. Easy, fun, AND fashionable.

Photo Source: Sunny Chanel
Finding Nemo Jellies 6 of 7
This project may be a bit involved but these orange-flavored jellies are so delicious that it's worth it. I used a recipe from Sunset Magazine, which you can get right here. We then cut them into fish shapes and decorated with regular white sugar and black sugar (that we picked up at a local cooking supply store.)

Photo Source: Sunny Chanel
Play Finding Nemo Trivia 7 of 7
Play Finding Nemo trivia! You can either play before the screening to prove how much you remember from previous screenings or watch after to see how much you absorbed!

There are a whole slew of sites that have Finding Nemo trivia, just do a Google Search .

Photo Source: Walt Disney Studios


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