Frozen: Not Just for Little Girls!

The Girls

The big hit of the year, quickly becoming the most successful animated movie of all time, is (you guessed it!) Frozen. To be honest, I wasn’t really aware of the movie. My brother asked if I wanted to take my kids when he took his. Sure! Why not? The movie had been out already for a couple of months, so I figured it would be easy breezy to attend.

We went to the movie on a Saturday. A matinee. My husband, our two boys, and I walked into the theatre, and the place was jam packed.  My brother had to give up his seat so my husband could sit with the baby on his lap. The movie came on, and the screen came alive.

Now, I am not writing this as a review of the movie. I am writing because I saw a news report on ABC Nightline about the song “Let It Go.” It seems little girls everywhere are singing this song. My best friend has two little girls. Friday night, I think I heard the song about 40 times. Her little one even ran around in a princess costume. I know my brother’s daughter listens to the song tirelessly. Over and over, I believe she’s been to the sing-a-long at the theatre. I will admit, the song is quite catchy. Attached to the memory of it in the movie creates a fondness on another level. After seeing Nightline’s report, the song was stuck in my head, yet again, all day yesterday.

I have two boys. They love mud, trucks and sticks. Not princesses. Not flowing gowns. They like rough stuff. My two-year-old can take my five-year-old down in a wrestling match. So the fear of me having to deal with hours of listening to the Disney song that is flooding everyone’s life was simply non-existent. Then, this morning, I found this :


Oh well, it has made it into this house too. 😉

Go Disney! You sure know how to make every childhood magical.


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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