Girl Power! Disney Infinity Style – Just in Time for the Holidays!

You know what many a kid will be hoping Santa will drop down the chimney this year? Boys and girls everywhere will be dreaming of finding a Disney Infinity system or brand new figures under the tree, and for good reason Disney Infinity is awesome.

I know this from experience. My 7-year-old daughter (and I) are big fans. There is one reason why she is drawn to this game far more than others: She loves all the girl power!

Let’s be honest, there aren’t that many games that are designed with girls in mind, but the Disney Infinity gameplay was created for boys and girls, embracing characters that they ALL love, adore and relate to.

This month —just in time to the holidays— Disney Infinity is coming out with a new set that girls will go crazy for: Frozen characters Anna and Elsa. The pair can use grappling hooks and do powerful feats with ice. Also coming out just in time for the holidays is a Rapunzel figure whose weapon is a frying pan of course.

“The female characters, especially the Princesses, were among the top requests,” said Disney Infinity producer John Vignocchi.

And this totally makes sense, as Disney has such strong female icons that the Disney Infinity system is a perfect place to not just celebrate them but to continue their story.

Here are 7 ways that your daughter (and you) can celebrate girl power with Disney Infinity!

  • Anna from Frozen 1 of 7

    Anna is soon to take the girls by storm, a Frozen storm, of course. She can climb, swing and has climbing hooks that she can use to get around.

    Disney says of this new figure: "Anna's warm and caring character will melt any heart.  Her courage is boundless and she's always ready with climbing hook and shovel swing to tackle whatever icy mountain or monster snowman gets in her way."

    You can get the Frozen Toy Box Pack right here!


  • Elsa 2 of 7

    Of course, to play in the land of Frozen, you will need Elsa! She has special powers such as the "Cold Shoulder" and she can use ice to her advantage. 

    Disney said of Elsa figure: "Brrrr! When the action gets hot, chill out with Elsa.  She has the power to put the freeze on anyone with her cold shoulder or Freeze Ball. Villains better cool it or they could become villain-sicles."

     You can get the Frozen Toy Box Pack right here!

  • Rapunzel 3 of 7

    Who doesn't love Rapunzel? I know my daughter does, as she has watched Tangled more times than I can count.

    Rapunzel's special power is...her frying pan! Of course. She is a WalMart exclusive and will be available from Nov. 22 to Dec. 31 and sells for $12.99. You can order your own Rapunzel right here.

  • Vanellope 4 of 7

    We love Wreck-It Ralph's pal Vanellope in our house, so much that my daughter dressed as her for Halloween (and yes, she did end up eating her Red Vine hoodie drawstrings). Vanellope is an exclusive for Target. "She speeds, she swerves, she glitches! Vanellope heats up the track or uses her Cherry Bomb; she melts the competition like chocolate on a hot day."

    All that for just $12.99 - available here.

  • Jessie 5 of 7

    Last weekend we were at Target and, although we were there for toilet paper and shampoo, we ended up bringing Jessie and Buzz Lightyear home with us! My daughter immediately claimed Jessie as her own and I had no issues playing as Buzz.

    You can pick up your own Toy Story playset from Target right here.

  • Violet 6 of 7

    We love, love, love the Incredibles, and their world is so much fun to explore. My daughter has been having a grand time being the powerful, and always awesome, Violet.

     Violet is available for $12.99 right here.



  • Mrs. Incredible 7 of 7

    And me? When my daughter plays as Violet, I'm always Mrs. Incredible. A mother-daughter duo on Disney Infinity and in real life! You know what they say, the family that plays together stays together. OK, I'm not sure if "they" really say that, but they should.

     You can pick up your Mrs. Incredible from Target right here for $12.99.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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