Happy Halloween: 20 Amazing Etsy Odes to Disney Villains!

Never have evil-doers been so beloved, adored, and admired than the villains presented for our viewing pleasure via Disney. These dastardly characters have stolen the beautiful voices of merfolk, developed near-deadly sleeping spells, and used apples as a vehicles for venom. They have plotted, planned, and poisoned, and you know what is odd? We love them for it. Ursula, The Evil Queen, Cruella de Vil, and Maleficent are just a few of the iconic villains that we love to hate.

In honor of these devious devils and the Halloween season, we have put together a collection of 20 amazing Etsy odes to Disney villains.

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  • The Ursula Wig 2 of 20

    I have a feeling that as soon as you don this Ursula inspired wig, you will immediately start to try to steal souls — and how could you not? It's so deliciously evil!

    Photo Source: Etsy/MagiqueCheveux, Available for $250.

  • Maleficent Poster 3 of 20

    Maleficent is one of Disney's most evil villains, and soon she'll be the star of her very own film (starring Angelina Jolie!). And one thing about Maleficent is she is so very stylish, as is this awesome print!

    Photo Source: Etsy/FADEGrafix, Available for $14.99 here

  • Jafar 4 of 20

    Oh, Jafar is so sneaky, isn't he? This print pays tribute to Jafar and his famous quote, "How many times do I have to kill you, boy?"

    Photo Source: Etsy/FADEGrafix, Available for $14.99

  • Fashionable Villains 5 of 20

    Look closely, do you see what these lovely ladies are wearing? Yup, these gorgeous figures are all wearing modern-day outfits inspired by Disney villains. Pretty amazing, huh?

    Photo Source: Etsy/ChicByAmber, Available for $27

  • The Villain Purse 6 of 20

    How cool is this villain-inspired bag? That way you can take evil with you everywhere.

    Photo Source: Etsy/Totalchaosbootique, Available for $50

  • Disney Villain Nails 7 of 20

    Try to go to your local manicurist and have them do this for you ... no, that would not happen. But you don't have to; you can just pick up this hand painted set by the Etsy seller DisneyNails.

    Photo Source: Etsy/DisneyNails, Available for $10

  • Villain Fabric 8 of 20

    This fabric ain't no ordinary cotton. It features vivid renditions of Cruella De Vil, The Evil Queen, and Maleficent. Oh, think of the things you can make — evil things, of course.

    Photo Source: Etsy/trinketsintheattic, Available for $12 a yard

  • I Live for Furs 9 of 20

    Cruella De Vil of 101 Dalmatians loves one thing, and she loves one thing a whole lot. Yes, she loves furs. How much? According to this poster, she lives for furs!

    Photo Source: Etsy/FADEGrafix, Available for $14.99 here

  • Evil Toms 10 of 20

    Etsy users love to create pieces of wearable art using Toms as the canvas. Dan O Florez created these amazing Toms paying tribute to some of Disney's most notorious villains.

    Photo Source: Etsy/DanOFlorez, Available for $120

  • Maleficent Headdress 11 of 20

    Here is an easy way to pay tribute to the one and only Maleficent of Sleeping Beauty fame — it's a Maleficent headdress to use for photo booths! How cute is that?

    Photo Source: Etsy/Perfectionate, Available for $17

  • Villain Autograph Book 12 of 20

    Most Disney autograph book honor goody-toe-shoes like Tinker Bell or Ariel, but this book and bag pays tribute to the darker Disney characters.

    Photo Source: Etsy/nickaroo5055, Available for $14

  • Villain Mugshots 13 of 20

    Do you need a Disney villain mugshot cosmetic bag? Of course you do!

    Photo Source: Etsy/AimeeeDanielle, Available for $25

  • Yummy Villains 14 of 20

    Do you need these Edible Cupcake toppers paying tribute to Disney Villains? Of course you do!

    Photo Source: Etsy/PirateDessert, Available for $22 

  • Maleficent Pillow 15 of 20

    Yes, this happened. A Day of the Dead ode to Maleficent in cushion form. It's creepy, yet still manages to be cute.

    Photo Source: Etsy/RockabillyDawgz, Available for $24.44

  • Hooked on Maleficent 16 of 20

    It's hard to not let your heart get hooked (pun intended) on this handmade Maleficent hooked pillow by HookedOnGeek.

    Photo Source: Etsy/HookedOnGeek, Available for $60

  • The Evil Queen 17 of 20

    Another Day to the Dead ode to a Disney Villain; this time the subject is The Evil Queen with poisoned apple eyes!

    Photo Source: Etsy/NutCracks, Available for $19

  • Captain Hook 18 of 20

    A majestic print of the one and only Captain Hook, looking very proud indeed.

    Photo Source: Etsy/TheHappyThoughtShop, Available for $15 

  • Scar 19 of 20

    Scar is the most evil lion out there, and this simple poster is all about Scar!

    Photo Source: Etsy/ColiseumGraphics, Available for $18

  • Gaston 20 of 20

    Gaston has a unique decorating style, one that relies heavily on antlers! This poster is a pretty cool tribute to the Beauty and the Beast baddie!

    Photo Source: Etsy/designsbynicolina, Available for $15.50

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