Hidden Mickeys Everywhere! Finding the Magic in the Everyday (Photos)

Whenever we go to Disneyland, we don’t just keep ourselves busy by going on our favorite rides (Matterhorn, Peter Pan, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad) and eating our favorite foods (corn dogs, Monte Cristos, and soft-serve ice cream). We also keep our eyeballs peeled, passionately searching for those elusive hidden Mickeys that are sprinkled all over the park.

Finding hidden Mickeys has become an obsession for many families — not just ours. There are websites dedicated to the quest, like and Hidden Mickeys of Disneyland, and there is a popular book — available at Amazon and at the parks — entitled Disneyland’s Hidden Mickeys: A Field Guide to Disneyland Resort’s Best Kept Secrets. But here is the thing: something happens after you leave the ‘happiest place on earth’ and return to your regular life you just cannot shake the urge to search for Mickey. You’ll find yourself looking for his iconic shape anywhere and everywhere. Perhaps, it’s just out of habit, or maybe it comes from a deeper need to add a little more magic into the everyday.

My daughter and I spent a couple of days searching for hidden Mickeys in our own everyday, and we found him everywhere, from our kitchen to our city’s streets to our local museum. Check out all the unexpected places we found Mickey right here:

  • Hidden Mickeys Everywhere 1 of 11
    Mickey-Oil-2 with texttitkle

    Check out all the places where we found hidden Mickeys in our everyday lives!


  • Mickey Hiding in the Cabbage 2 of 11
    Hidden Mickey

    We found this Mickey hiding in the produce department of our local supermarket.

  • Mickey in an Alley 3 of 11

    This Mickey was hiding on the corner of an alleyway in our downtown area. It's pretty perfect that there is a "D" for Disneyland, don't you think?


  • Mickey is Grate! 4 of 11
    mickey grate2withtext

    A very subtle Mickey was hiding on a grate on the street near our house.

  • Mickey and Change 5 of 11
    mickey coinwithtexts

    Sometimes, Mickey appears in your spare change and costs only 27 cents.

  • Mickey is Mossy 6 of 11
    mickey moss2withtext

    Mickey definitely knows how to stick around, as proven by his lasting popularity over the many, many decades. Here, we found him "sticking" around on some rocks, in moss form.

  • Mickey in the Trees 7 of 11
    mickey treewithtext

    Mickey shows up in nature more times than you would think!

  • Mickey is Closer Than You Think 8 of 11
    mickey freckles copy2

    Sometimes, you don't have to look very far for a hidden Mickey — he could be concealed on your own body!

  • A Healthy Hidden Mickey 9 of 11

    You could be doing something as simple as making dinner, and Mickey will appear!

  • Mickey in the Museum 10 of 11

    On a visit to the museum, we were surprised to find this Mickey in a Matisse!


  • Mickey in Button Form 11 of 11
    buttonswiwth text2

    You could be doing something as mundane as mending, and Mickey will magically appear!

Photo Source: Sunny Chanel


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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