Holiday Travel Tips (and boredom-busters) from Disney’s Planes!

The holiday season is upon us and if you’re planning to travel to Grandma’s house for some family fun times, you’re going to need some good entertainment for the kids.  If you’re traveling by plane, train or automobile, don’t fret!  For all the Disney Planes fans out there, I have the perfect way to keep them happy, while on the road.

Some of your favorite Planes characters provided some helpful tips to help ease the stress of traveling with kids. From puzzles and coloring pages, here are some boredom-busters for the whole family to enjoy!

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    Holiday travel tips from disney planes

    Don't pack up the kids without seeing these helpful tips and holiday kit from Disney Planes first!

  • Don’t be late! 2 of 8

    This is true whether you're traveling by plane or in your own car! Always check your travel schedule before you leave the house.  The last thing you want to eat is cold leftovers for the holidays! 

  • Be prepared! 3 of 8

    The last thing you need, when you're traveling with kids, is to have one of them say to you that they're hungry. If you're not prepared, it can cost you dearly!  Always have some snacks for the kids and yourself!  I get moody when I don't eat, so I can imagine trying to find a place to eat, either at an airport or in the middle of nowhere. Be fully prepared!

  • Have a plan! 4 of 8

    If procrastination is the name of your game, well, more power to you!  If not, then planning your packing a week in advance is a time and stress saver. Especially, if you're the one packing for everyone. When travelinig alone with the kids last year, I started packing weeks in advance. I had to. I even had lists of what was where. When we left our home, to go on a cruise, I felt prepared. I love that feeling.

  • Be comfy! 5 of 8

    When traveling, I like to dress up in layers. If it gets warm, I know I can take off layers to be more comfy. Same goes with the kids. Especially if you're leaving the home early in the morning. The kids are in sweats and comfy shoes and I'm most comfortable in yoga pants.

  • Load ’em up! 6 of 8

    Traveling with the kids and their electronic entertainment is essential when making a long distance trip.  If you're kids don't suffer from motion sickness, make sure they have the latest app updates  and of course, if their tablets permit, the brand new DVD release of Disney Planes!

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    travel kit with planes

    From puzzles to , here you'll find the perfect entertainment for kids to enjoy! Click here to see the Disney Planes travel kit!

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    tips for holiday travel

    Don't forget to document the fun with your camera!  If it's the first time your kids will be traveling, take picture of everything!  From their reactions to seeing a busy airport, the scenery on the train, and dare I say it? Yes, make sure to capture the meltdowns! It will be a special time for the whole family, you don't ever want to forget it.

Photo Source: Walt Disney Studios

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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