How Do You Know You’re a Disneyphile?

Disneyphile {dis – ney-phile} noun  One who is obsessed with all things Disney.

How do you know you’re a Disneyphile? I realized my entire family had crossed over that line from occasional Disney guest to Disneyphile when my kids began to spot Hidden Mickeys all around them from their bowl of  Cheerios to drops of rain on the windshield.  When I spotted a Hidden Mickey in the plastic tab holding my bread bag closed, I considered getting help. But every true Disneyphile will tell you that this is the kind of sickness you don’t want to cure.

I checked in with a few other Disneyphiles from around the web to ask how they knew that they were Disneyphiles.

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    How Do You Know You're a Disneyphile
  • Hidden Mickeys Everywhere 2 of 10
    How Do You Know You're a Disneyphile

    Only a Disneyphile would walk up to the White House and yell, "THERE'S A HIDDEN MICKEY IN THE FENCE!" Thankfully no Secret Service officers seemed to mind my insanity, and I managed to snag a picture without being tackled.

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    How Do You Know You're a Disneyphile

    Erin from Love Disney Running knows she's a Disneyphile because she is runDisney crazy. She finds herself daydreaming about Disney character running costumes while going for her daily jogs and plans her runDisney race weekends 9 months in advance. From time to time she even pretends there are character photo opportunities along her training route, camera in hand, ready for the big Disney day.

  • It’s a Family Affair 4 of 10
    How Do You Know You're a Disneyphile

    A true Disneyphile doesn't obsess about the House of Mouse on their own. They get family involved!  Beth from The Angel Forever looks to Disney Parks for everything from anniversary trips to the perfect Bar Mitzvah location. Talking about the importance of raising a family of Disneyphiles, Beth says that they always wear matching shirts on their last day together to make it known to everyone around them that they're a family of Disney geeks. You wave your Disneyphile flag, Beth.

  • You’re the "Disney" in Your Family 5 of 10
    How Do You Know You're A Disneyphile

    Kuleen who writes at The Disney Kids is so well-known in her family and even her town as a Disneyphile that people send her emails with Disney information just to try to stump her. Of course, she always replies with what every good Disneyphile would be able to say: "I already knew that!"

  • No Apologies, No Shame 6 of 10
    How Do You Know You're a Disneyphile

    Amiyrah from Four Hats and Frugal shared this: "I know I'm a Disneyphile when I have no qualms sharing how many times I've been to the most magical place on Earth. From the age of 7 to 17, I got to go 7 times. This past May was my 8th time experiencing the pixie dust. I can slip it into every conversation: 'How that dessert was heavenly. The last time I had something that great was a dole whip in Epcot during my 7th trip to Disney.'  I have no shame when it comes to this subject. None.

  • Take Disney to Work Day 7 of 10
    How Do You Know You're a Disneyphile

    Everyone likes to decorate their work space with reminders of the things they love most. But a Disneyphile fills their cubicle with all things Disney. Vinylmation on the desk? Cinderella's Castle as your desktop image? Mickey Ears on your phone? You must be a Disneyphile! Bob from Magical Daddy has so many Disney items in his office as work that someone once saw a photo of his work space on Instagram and asked if he worked for Disney. Nicely done, Bob.

  • Disney is the Soundtrack to Your Life 8 of 10
    How Do You Know You're a Disneyphile

    I remember rocking my daughter to sleep while singing "Baby Mine" from Disney's Dumbo. Sara from Mom Endeavors has similar memories, only she sings "A Dream is a Wish" to help her little ones fall asleep. In fact, tunes from the Disney songbook seem to be the soundtrack of this Disneyphile's life from her two-year-old dancing to "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" to Sara singing her favorites from Disney's Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, and Tangled...even when the kids aren't around.

  • Pixie Dust Positivity 9 of 10
    How Do You Know You're a Disneyphile

    Jackie from Jackie's Magical Moments looks for the silver lining, er, Pixie Dust in every situation in life. As she told me, "If you have a dream, keep on chasing it until you catch it, no matter how many times you're stopped along the way!" Now that's a magical way to approach life!

  • Three Words… 10 of 10
    How Do You Know You're a Disneyphile

    Tinker Bell Tattoo *drops mic*

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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