It Took 48.6 Miles to Remind Me Why I Fell in Love with My Husband

How My Husband Inspires Me Every Time He Runs Disney | BabbleI wouldn’t consider myself very romantic.

Sure, I love love like a hippie loves hemp and skirts made of wheat, but beyond liking my husband’s face a whole lot, I’m allergic to flowers, I think Valentine’s Day is sweet if you’re six, I and really dislike Facebook statuses that espouse spouses in haiku with a corresponding image that’s been PicMonkeyed into a saccharine, rosy-hued digital PDA.

And considering I only look forward to the love letters my two littles scrawl for me in their adorable, wobbly kid writing, it should really come as no surprise that after almost a decade (!) of marriage, Jeff and I mutually agree that love means not having to hold in your farts.

So. Hot.

Extra hot? No dutch oven.

S T E A M Y.

But then January rolls around, and runDisney’s Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend changes up my thinking a little bit. Just enough to remind me why I like-like Jeff. Mainly because I realize how much he inspires me.

Every time he tackles a Disney race, surrounded by grown men and women dressed up like fairies and mermaids and villains and pirates and superheroes and talking animals and princesses and princes, pushing through mile after magical mile just because he can, I’m a little bit amazed by him all over again.

Kind of how I felt when we first met.

It’s funny, because I’m always slightly shocked at the realization. Maybe because while we’re trudging through day-to-day life, we tend to forget why we fell in love with each other a million years ago. We definitely forget to see each other as individuals since our parenting style depends on us working as a team, and since we see each other all the time, we don’t always see each other all the time. Think about it. You probably do the same with your own person.

And this year, since I couldn’t train for the half marathon (pesky surgery recovery time), I had to sit on the sidelines as a spectator, which means I had plenty of time to slow down and see Jeff. Really see him. And hear him. And appreciate him while flinging mental glitter.

I saw someone who pushed himself to the limits of human endurance to run a 5k, 10k, half marathon and full marathon, amounting to 48.6 crazytown miles over four days, showing our kids that you finish what you start.

I saw someone who was pretty darn proud to walk around the parks looking like Flavor Flav put his hard-earned race bling around the neck of our oldest, who ecstatically told every single person we met  — on the elevator, at the bus stop, in line for the rides, characters at park meet-and-greets — that his dad won all the races.

I saw someone who took pride in doing something for himself, when he spends most of his time doing things for everybody else.

I saw someone who made sure we felt like the trip was about us, even though he was the one kicking running a**.

I saw someone who looks way better than Ridiculously Photogenic Guy in all his race photos, reminding me he’s still young at heart, especially when doing something he’s passionate about.

And while Disney never disappoints, especially when it comes to race events, I saw the real star of the show this year. And that was magical enough for me.


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