14 Tips and Tricks for Doing Disney in the Rain

Last summer I gave you some survival tips for a fun trip to <Disneyland on a hot day. This winter we're back in the pouring rain and (So.Cal version of) "freezing" cold to tell you how we do Disney in the rain. Many of the same tips for staying cool in the summer apply for staying warm (and dry) in the winter, so you should check out my post from the summer to find indoor rides and activities and/or activities & rides that have sheltered wait lines.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: My family thinks the very best time to visit Disneyland is on a rainy Wednesday. The harder the downpour, the better! 

Mr. Lincoln show anyone?

We have a few more tips for making the most of your rainy day Disneyland (and California Adventure) adventures. Perhaps it will become your holiday tradition as well as ours.

Be sure to click through to the end of the slide show for the most important tip — where NOT to sit on the tram when it’s pouring.


  • Tips and Tricks for Doing Disney in the Rain 1 of 15
  • Seek Shelter in the Theater 2 of 15

    Most of the theater experiences in Disneyland and California Adventure are sheltered and/or indoors. Time to get that show schedule out! 

  • Purchase a Poncho 3 of 15

    It may not be your most favorite garment to wear on normal days, but on rainy Disneyland days (or dry days when you decide to ride wet rides) the Disneyland poncho is your BFF. Embrace the "looks like I'm wearing a shower curtain" thing and own it. You're not about to let a little rain slow you down. Be proud! 

  • The Perks of Being Waterlogged 4 of 15

    Check out those ride times. We're wet, but we're happy. 

  • Don’t Just Window Shop 5 of 15

    Oh hey kid, you see something cool in that window? Pssst. Here's a tip. Point it out to your parents at precisely the moment it starts raining cats and dogs. They might actually buy it for you. 

  • Keep an Eye Out for Cats! 6 of 15

    I cannot explain it, but we seem to only spy the famous Disneyland Cats on days when it is cold and rainy. I spotted "Francisco" this past visit. You can read more about the Cats of Disneyland on their blog. 

  • Warm Up With Hot Drinks 7 of 15

    Hot apple cider is a favorite of all my kids. It keeps hands warm, too. My personal favorite is a combination of hot cocoa and coffee; ask for half coffee and half cocoa at the Royal Veranda Cafe in New Orleans. My kids claim that churros and chimichangas make great handwarmers as well, although they don't seem to stay in their hands for very long. 

  • Try More Than The Gumbo 8 of 15

    The Royal Street Veranda Cafe in New Orleans is famous for their gumbo, which you should certainly try — but don't just stop in for gumbo. Get yourself some hot coffee, cocoa, and hot fritters as well. That'll warm you up! The French onion soup at Cafe Orleans across the walkway is also very hearty rainy day fare. Sit inside! 

  • Get The Bread Bowl 9 of 15

    Gumbo is good. Gumbo in a bread bowl is great. Especially on a cold/rainy day. 

  • Try the Clam Chowder Too 10 of 15

    There are those however, that argue the clam chowder is better. 

  • Mickey Gloves Warm Hearts and Hands 11 of 15

    These  Mickey Mitts do make it hard to work your iPhone, but they keep your fingers warm and toasty. 

  • Seek Shelter Under the Arch 12 of 15

    The sun was trying to come back out when I snapped this photo. Taking shelter under the arches of Sleeping Beauty's castle is a beautiful thing on a rainy day. 

  • Skip the Parade 13 of 15

    I'm gonna do you a huge favor. This is pretty much what the parade looks like on a rainy day. AKA "Mickey's Rainy Day Cavalcade." It's cute and all that, but it's not worth standing around getting drenched for. And now you can say you have seen it. 

  • Buy a Hat! 14 of 15

    How cozy is this Kermit the Frog hat  purchased in California Adventure Park? A fleece lining means it's cosy enough to want to get a Dole Whip after dark in Disneyland, after a whole day of wandering in the rain. In other words, worth every penny! 

  • A Few More Tips for a Perfect Rainy Day in the Park 15 of 15

    1. Have a sense of humor

    2. Have a sense of adventure

    3. Don't worry about your hair

    4. Take the Disneyland Express train to get around the park more quickly and in a drying fashion. Take the monorail to get to the Downtown Disney parking lots.

    5. Never, ever, EVER sit in the front rear facing seat of the tram car. If there is wind and rain, the water pools in the bench of this seat, and even if you are dressed for the weather, your bum will be bathed in ice cold rainwater. "Please remain seated until the Tram reaches a complete stop" will echo through your head for eons as you mope through your day like Eeyore. 

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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