How to Dress Like Our Favorite Pixar Characters in Real Life!

How many Pixar movies have you seen? I can proudly say that I have seen them all, from their first feature (Toy Story) to their latest masterpiece (Monsters University). And it’s not just that I’ve seen them once, I’ve seen almost ALL of them multiple times (I have to admit I only saw Wall-E once). Since I’ve spent hours and hours immersed in Pixar’s magic, I find it very inspiring. One way to incorporate Pixar style is in creating outfits for real life. Yes, you heard me right, I’m talking about Pixar-inspired style.

While you might think it would be odd for a grown woman to dress like a robot, a car, or an old man, I took this challenge and created real life looks inspired by our favorite Pixar characters. From Nemo to Flik to Carl Fredricksen, I’ve got the look for you.

Which one is your favorite?

  • Pixar-Inspired Outfits 1 of 21

    For real life!


    Which is your favorite?

  • Flik: A Bug’s Life 2 of 21

    Check out our Flik-inspired outfit...

  • Flik-Inspired Outfit 3 of 21
    bugs life3

    Wanna dress like an insect? Looking at this outfit, I would in a heartbeat.


    We gave our fashion tribute to Flik this Roksanda Ilincic Alcott wool-crepe dress  that is $1319 and available here.


    These Tory Burch Theodora Bootie have a great ode to bugs with the dragonfly backs. They are available for $297 here.


    This Harakiri Hania Brooch is a sweet accessory to add to the ensemble and is available for $219 here.


    And we LOVE this Tory Burch Robinson Printed Middy Satchel that is covered in bugs and is available for  $188 here.

  • Jessie: Toy Story 4 of 21

    Check out our Jessie-inspired outfit...

  • Jessie-Inspired Outfit 5 of 21

    Jessie from Toy Story has a bold toy-meets-cowgirl style, one that is pretty darn adorable.


    Instead of going with the cowhide pants that Jessie wears, we paid tribute to them with these MCQ BY ALEXANDER MCQUEEN painted stripe skinny jeans - $286 available here.


    She needs boots of course, but we gave her a more urban style with these stylish FRYE Ankle boots - $445 Available here


    Yellow and red are important hues in Jessie's style. We gave our Jessie-inspired look a citrine yellow necklace by violasboutique - $12 on Etsy available here.


    Jessie's shirt is simple and white, and this was happens to be very luxurious. This Sophie Hulme Embellished cotton shirt is $455 available here.


    A nod to Jessie wristbands, we paired the outfit with this Gurhan Large Hourglass Cuff in 24 Karat Yellow Gold - $2360 available here.


    And to finish the outfit off, we gave her this totally fab Scallop-Edged Floppy Felt Hat - $16 available here.

  • Carl Fredricksen: Up 6 of 21

    Check out our Carl Fredricksen-inspired look....

  • Carl Fredricksen-Inspired Outfit 7 of 21

    While not many of us would consider an old man as a fashion inspiration, this outfit inspired by Carl Fredricksen of Up might be tempting. 


    The brown jacket is totally Carl-worthy and is by A.B. Blazer which retails for $185 available here.


    These pants scream male, yet are totally chic! These Mauro Grifoni casual pants are $198 and available here.


    We paired the outfit with these basic brown blats from Mod Cloth - $35 Available here.


    To pay tribute to the balloons of Up, we found this subtle ode in this rhinestone balloon necklace which costs $32 and is available here.


    We, of course, finished the outfit off with this black bow tie that is $12 and available here.

  • Nemo: Finding Nemo 8 of 21
    Finding Nemo 3

    Check out our Nemo-inspired Look...

  • Nemo-Inspired Outfit 9 of 21

    Ever wanted to dress like a fish? Maybe this outfit will convince you.


    We started with this Nemo-hued dress by JOSEPH that retails for $643 available here.


    To pay tribute to all things fishy, we found this Thrilled to Pisces Necklace available for $25 at Modcloth here.


    Nemo's dad befriends some interesting characters, including sharks. We gave our Nemo-inpsired outfit these Dezso by Sara Beltran Polki Diamond & Shark Tooth Hoop Earrings  which cost $420 and are available here.


    Nemo has black stripes, as a nod we found this simple Double Wrap Tubular Bracelet Black Glossy Goat by Mulberry. $210 available here.


    We finished the outfit with a pair of Pedro Garcia Patent-leather point-toe flats. $440 available here.

  • Linguini: Ratatouille 10 of 21

    Check out our Linguini-inspired look here....

  • Linguini-Inspired Outfit 11 of 21

    Perfect for a casual meal out! Ratatouille-style!


    We started out with this very chic Gucci White Double Breasted Jacket that available here for $2025.


    Instead of chef pants, we found these chic Étoile Isabel Marant gray pants available here for $146.


    Of course we gave our Linguini-inspired outfit a pair of red All-Star Converse low tops that available here for $49.99.


    To pay tribute to rodents, and how could you not, we found this Sydney Evan Small Wiggle Mouse Pendant that is available here for $620

  • Sulley: Monsters Inc. 12 of 21

    Check out our Sulley-inspired outfit hre...

  • Sulley-Inspired Outfit 13 of 21

    How could someone NOT love Sulley? He's soft, sweet and, if we don't say so ourselves, stylish!


    We started our tribute with this Sulley-hued dress by Matthew Williamson and is available for $2807 here.


    For Sulley's claws, we gave our outfit a black onyx faux-tooth Simone I Smith and it's available $110 here.


    To finish off the outfit, we found this fabulous Shrimps Blue Fur Effect Vincent Clutch that is available here $320.

  • Merida: Brave 14 of 21

    Check out our Merida-inspired outfit...

  • Merida-Inspired Outfit 15 of 21

     Merida actually has a chic feminine style -- one that is very inspiring.


    To start we found this Italian-tailored vintage maxi dress that is $1655 available here.

    For Merida's love of archery we gave her this stylish Bow and Arrow Ring that is available from Etsy for $145 here.


    To pay tribute to Merida's Scottish roots, we gave our outfit this Scottish Thistle Pin that is available here for $38.

    Of course we had to give a nod to Merida's red hair with this Lanvin Fan sequin embellished box clutch that is $531 and available here.

  • Mrs. Incredible: The Incredibles 16 of 21

    Check out our Mrs. Incredible-inspired outfit here...

  • Mrs. Incredible – The Incredibles 17 of 21

    Mrs. Incredible is super, literally. And she also just happens to be super stylish in her super hero form!


    First we have the Alexander McQueen Long Sleeve Peplum Hem Pullover, which is stylish yet very wearable. It retails for $1195. Buy here.


    Mrs. Incredible has quite the sassy outfit, one aspect of which is her short black shorts! We found these Mason by Michelle Mason Moto Leather Shorts which would be perfect for her. They retail for $560. Buy here.


    Of course Mrs. Incredible would need a pair of very tall black boots. We found her these Giuseppe Zanotti Leather Boots in black that go for $1395. Buy here.


    To accent the red top, we found this Hugo belt in a vibrant orange that sells for $75. Buy here.


    And to finish the outfit off, we've got this Nangara by Júlia Fusinato Yellow Nodes necklace for $160. Buy here.

  • Wall E 18 of 21

    Check out our Wall-E-inspired outfit here...

  • Wall-E-Inspired Outfit 19 of 21
    Wall E -3

    Robot style? Yes, please!


    To start, we gave our Wall-E-inspired outfit an orange Reggiani dress. Available here for $381


    Wall-E's eyes are such a big feature, and we gave our Wall-E inspired outfit a Rocker Eye Necklace in Gold.  Available here for $135.


    Black shoes are a must, so we gave our Wall-E a pair of Chloe "CH21001" Black Leather Wrinkle Side Ballet flats.  Available here for $495.


    Of course there had to be some heavy metal in this outfit. We gave our Wall-E a Tory Burch Fret Clutch.  Available here for $435

  • Lightning McQueen: Cars 20 of 21

    Check out our Lightning McQueen-inspired outfit...

  • Lightning McQueen-Inspired Outfit 21 of 21

    Lightning McQueen is all about being bold and hot red, and really those concepts are always in style.


    We started with a Alexander McQueen Belted Crepe Pencil Dress in bright red, and the fact that it is McQueen for McQueen is purely coincidence.  Available here $1460.


    Of course we needed a splash of yellow and we found that in this  Gold Tone Large Yellow Beads Chain Link Necklace. Available for $11.99.


    This One Nine Five handbag is perfect for our McQueen, it's made of recycled tires!  Available for $100 here.


    Sexy black boots? Yes, please! These Giuseppe Zanotti Black Leather Open-Toe Boots totally are chic, sexy and sporty. Available for $1250 here.



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