15 Lessons in Love from Disney Princesses

February is all about romance, isn’t it? With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we’re all thinking about our relationships. And chocolate. Or maybe that’s just me. Love the chocolate.

Valentine’s Day is so much sweeter when you have someone to treat and be treated by. Cue the woo-ing.

If anyone knows how to woo a prince, it’s our favorite Disney princesses. These gals seem to get the guys, and there’s stuff we can learn from their winning ways. From Rapunzel with her frying pan, to Cinderella with her disappearing act, there is some solid relationship insight to be had in these ladies’ stories if you just pay attention.

Listen up if you want someone to snuggle with on February 14th. Here’s a few fun, funny and possibly surprising ideas for how to woo your Valentine like a Disney princess.


  • How to Woo Your Valentine Like a Disney Princess 1 of 16
  • To Thine Own Self be Woo 2 of 16

    Listen up woo-ers. You gotta love and know yourself before you fall in love. Which is why Merida deserves a big box of chocolates from the universe this Valentine's Day. We all know she could probably woo any prince she wanted to. But good for her for waiting until she is good and ready! 

  • Step Outside Your Comfort Zone 3 of 16

    Jasmine had to leave the palace to meet her true love. Maybe you ventured into the world of online dating or let someone set you up on a blind date. The point is that you put yourself OUT THERE, and sometimes you gotta do that if you want to woo a potential prince. So saddle up and pack your sense of adventure, it's about to get uncomfortable at times. It's going to be worth it, in the end. 

  • Brush Your Teeth 4 of 16

    So um ... I shouldn't have to say this, but personal hygeine is PRETTY IMPORTANT. Woo-time is no time to neglect the obvious. Let's just hope that Snow White brushed her teeth right before that fateful bite of apple knocked her out. Because morning breath is not all that woo-full. 

  • Hang at His Place 5 of 16

    It's important for a lot of dudes to see that you're going to fit into their lives with their friends and family. Make an effort to get to know them on their turf (we mean this literally in Ariel's case). 

  • Be Sure to Smile 6 of 16

    When you don't have anything nice to say ... smile! Ariel had literally nothing to say, because her voice was stolen. But rather than make a show of weeping, she made a good impression with a winning smile. This tip comes in handy when you are a fish out of water and find yourself on HIS turf for any length of time. A smile is a powerful tool. 

  • Believe in Love 7 of 16

    Trust your gut. You may be in an unlikely place, with an unlikely partner, but your own heart is familiar territory. Nobody wants to be wooed by a princess who spends all her time predicting how and why the relationship will fail. If you don't believe in the magic, then why should anyone else? 

  • Don’t Dance Around it 8 of 16

    Rapunzel, Rapunzel, put down your frying pan! What I (plus Flynn too) love about this princess is that she doesn't pull any punches. She whips out a frying pan and lets you have it. There's no hidden agenda here. This is a good policy with a lot of guys, particularly ones scarred from being played by girls with a little too much game, and guys that are full of their own player-selves. It works because they are so shocked by your directness that they are disarmed. Just long enough to realize they have fallen for you. This is a woo win! 

  • Be Skeptical, Not Cynical 9 of 16

    Tiana is no fool. She's not gullible. She knows what she wants, but she isn't cynical. She's willing to suspend her doubt for just long enough, but she's going to require proof. Her practical "show me the money" wooing-style gives her prince an instant agenda to work off of. He's got to get his story straight, present it to her, and convince her. Who's wooing now? Well done Tiana. 

  • Don’t Be Shallow 10 of 16

    Belle's wooing magic has to do with her uncanny ability to see right past physical flaws and into the Beast's soul. She KNOWS him. He knows she knows him. Not only does she know him, but she lets him know all the good she sees in him -- good that other's are too shallow to see. She's got some deep soul-searching wooing juju that works well on the broody types. Just be sure they really are beauties at the core and not beasts through and through! 

  • Keep the Freak Outs Contained 11 of 16

    If you're like me, you're wondering what is keeping Belle from fah-reaking out and exclaiming "HOLY !@#! — who knew you were so gorgeous?!" in this scene. She should be keeling over from shock. But this is part of why Belle is such an awesome wooer. She really knew it all along, so it's no biggie to her that her beast has bloomed into a hottie. She's not the least bit surprised. She always saw the Beast's inner beauty and believed in him when few others did. 

  • Let Nature Take Its Course 12 of 16

    Sometimes one thing leads to another, and it would be so easy to question it, wouldn't it? Or ... like Pocohantas, you could accept that nature has a plan. There's so many patterns in nature and so much beauty. I call this the organic woo. It's refreshing, because it is the opposite of controlling. This may be the wooing technique that works for you if you are the earthy type. 

  • Take a Second Look at the Boy Next Door 13 of 16

    Sometimes the object of your wooing-affection is so close, you can hardly see them. How do you go from brother to lover status without taking a super long nap as the result of an evil spell? It does help to take a break. When you come back with fresh eyes, you may find that your former third grade best friend is a lot hotter than you remembered. How did you not see it before? Woo ON! 

  • Don’t Be Too Transparent 14 of 16

    Cinderella was full of secrets and surprises. She literally disappeared, leaving nothing but her clear slippers behind for the prince to track her down with. Cinderella's genius wooing strategy was tapping into the urge we all have to solve a mystery. Here's this girl who's clearly not a diva, dressed in royal garb. Then poof! ... she's gone? There's no way that prince is forgetting her. She wasn't calculating about the mystery, just a bit reserved. This really worked for her, and it could work for you too. Save your life story for later; end your date on a cliffhanger. 

  • Put Best Friends First 15 of 16

    Mulan is a wooing stealth agent. She has a secret weapon of woo: Friendship. Why does love blossom in the workplace? Because you become friends and colleagues and then one day, you let your hair down outside of work, and suddenly you see each other in a whole new light. If you have a secret crush at work, you might want to work on building a real and strong friendship. You never know what it could blossom into. 

  • Remember It’s Not Over at Happily Ever After 16 of 16

    Guess what? You're not off the hook once you're in the relationship. Wooing is a lifelong commitment. So whether you've been together for five minutes or fifty years, get ready to woo someone's socks off this Valentine's Day! 

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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