If Disney Characters Had Celebrity BFFs …

After 100 years of dealing with paparazzi and adoring fans, it’s no surprise that Disney characters need someone to turn to who understands them. Not everyone can relate to living life under the microscope. What if Disney characters had celebrity BFFs, members of the non-animated celebrity world, who they could hang out with, shop with, walk the red carpet with, and dodge those crazy cameras with…

Meet some of the celebrity world’s newest BFF pairs, half Disney character, half pop culture fave.

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    If Disney Characters Had Celebrity BFF's

    Admit it. There are Disney characters that you'd love to hang out with, and who hasn't thought of what it would be like to be BFFs with a celebrity? It should come as no surprise that they'd want to hang out with each other!

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    If Disney Characters Had Celebrity BFF's

    It's tough to be a glass-half-full kind of girl in a dog-eat-dog world. That's why Belle and Zooey Deschanel are such great pals. They can put on their cute skirts and ballet flats and head out to the bookstore for a cup of coffee and conversation without feeling the pressure to fit in or be liked by the Gastons of the world. And if they just happen to break into song? Well that's just a bonus.

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    If Disney Characters Had Celebrity BFF's

    Girls in Hollywood who are tough as nails and hell-bent on going their own way tend to be called all kinds of names, and none of them very nice. Merida and Jennifer are inseparable on the weekends after filming yet another blockbuster movie and learning how to rule the kingdom. They love to blow off some steam with a little target practice and wild rides through the woods, laughing at the men sent to save them. Save yourselves, girls. You go.

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    If Disney Characters Had Celebrity BFF's

    These two fiery friends always turn heads when they go out together. Whether they're shopping in their favorite stores or dancing in the streets, they're a favorite of the paparazzi. People close to them, however, will tell you that what makes these stunners truly beautiful are their kind hearts.

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    If Disney Characters Had Celebrity BFF's

    Everyone wants Daniel Radcliffe to stay a kid forever. And who gets that better than Peter Pan? Rumor has it that these two have been seen flying from rooftop to rooftop around the neighborhoods of London after a rowdy night watching football at the pub, but no one seems able to confirm if it's true.

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    If Disney Characters Had Celebrity BFF's

    Going from the life of a commoner to a future queen isn't so different from falling down a rabbit hole. It's hard to remember who you really are, and you're never quite sure when someone's going to yell, "Off with her head!" Alice and Kate can turn to each other when life becomes a bit too much and they just need to relax over a cup of tea.

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    If Disney Characters Had Celebrity BFF's

    When you start out having little and are suddenly on top, you end up with a target on your back. Taylor and Cindy love to go dress shopping and chat about how people seem to always throw rocks at things that shine. Secretly, Taylor is hoping that one day Cindy will share the secret to finding Prince Charming. Until then, she keeps trying what her friend Tiana suggested -- kissing frog after frog after frog...

  • Flynn Rider and Zac Efron 8 of 12
    If Disney Characters Had Celebrity BFF's

    Oh, the life a Hollywood heartthrob. *SIGH* Sure, it's nice to be able to get past the velvet rope with just one swoon, but then what? You want people to take you seriously, am I right? 

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    If Disney Characters Had Celebrity BFF's

    These two reportedly met at a lantern festival when Rapunzel turned to Carrie and said, "I love your hair!" and Carrie replied, "I totally love your hair, too!" Since then they've been spending tons of time painting, reading a book (or maybe two or three), and singing. These fast friends are becoming known as the nicest pair in show business!

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    If Disney Characters Had Celebrity BFF's

    These two gals are country to the core in a world of rock n' roll. It's tough for them to find time to spend together with their busy work schedules, but they love a girl's getaway weekend once in awhile on Miranda's ranch. Jessie can show off her horse riding know-how and Miranda can get all of her what's -it-like-to-date-an-astronaut questions answered.

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    If Disney Characters Had Celebrity BFF's

    You know what's just as tough as going from Mr. Incredible to Bob, insurance agent? Going from the guy from Die Hard to the crying boyfriend on a sitcom. Bob and Bruce love to do the normal guy stuff -- watch the game, grab a beer, bowl a game or two - but rumor has it that they're also starting a garage band. No confirmation on a name yet, but one source heard that they call themselves The Explosives.

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    If Disney Characters Had Celebrity BFF's

    Reportedly? A couple. (Seriously.)

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