If the 7 Dwarfs Were President: Presidential Qualities of Snow White’s Buddies

The Presidents of the United States are just about the most important people in our country’s history. We’ve had 44 United States presidents and each have shaped our nation in their own way.

Now, imagine if you will, one of  Snow White’s seven dwarfs as president!?

Which dwarf would you vote for if they were all on the same ballot? Who would win the popularity vote?  How about the overall electoral vote?

Join us in taking a playful look at 7 unique, would-be candidates, to run for president of the United States of America.

  • 7 Best Presidential Qualities of Snow White’s Seven Dwarfs 1 of 8
    Snow white's 7 dwarfs

    Hear ye! Hear ye! Hear ye! All persons are commanded to take a look at some of the best presidential qualities presented by: Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy, Grumpy, Dopey, Bashful and Doc for President of the United States.

  • Doc 2 of 8
    Doc, snow white

    Qualities:  Authority figure, decision maker, protector.

    Why should we vote?  Although Doc may be a little off on his communication skills, he has definitely shown leadership when leading the other dwarfs, either at work or at home. He gladly accepted 'change' when Snow White came to live with them. This quality is necessary when dealing with an ever changing world!

  • Bashful 3 of 8
    bashful, snow white

    Qualities: Honest, sincere, loveable.

    Why we should vote:  Don't let his nervous appearance fool you. When it came to protecting Snow White, he wasn't at all shy when teaching the evil queen a lesson. Sure, he's a little timid around the ladies, but at the presidential dinners, he can be quite the spirited dancer! 

  • Grumpy 4 of 8
    grumpy, snow white

    Qualities: Intelligent,  competent, brave.

    Why we should vote: Grumpy may be rude, grouchy and critical of his fellow dwarfs, but those are perfect qualities when dealing with impatient world leaders. Oh, but when he met Snow White, we saw a compassionate side to him that should sit well with voters that seek a tough, yet gold-hearted, leader.

  • Happy 5 of 8
    happy, snow white and the seven dwarfs

    Qualities: Optimistic, energetic, cheerful.

    Why we should vote: In times of adversity, when all seems dark and grey, wouldn't it be great if our commander in chief were to provide hope, prosperity, and life to all those in need? Happy lives up to his name and this is one quality every president should have.

  • Sleepy 6 of 8
    sleepy, snow white

    Qualities: Hardworking, friendly, kind.

    Why we should vote: I mention hardworking only because even though he's dead tired, at least he's not off somewhere taking a nap. He's still out working, putting in his time at the mine.  So, imagine Sleepy as president.  Would mandatory naps be put into law? Yawn! I hope so!

  • Sneezy 7 of 8
    sneezy, snow white

    Qualities: Sweet, attentive, loyal

    Why we should vote:  Sneezy is considered the loyal guy in the group. He doesn't mind saying what he thinks ... that is, whenever his allergies don't get in the way! Despite his nasal deficiency, Sneezy would make a great leader. If an unsavory character should ever come onto Sneezy's path, he can just sneeze them away!

  • Dopey 8 of 8
    dopey, snow white seven dwarfs

    Qualities: Youthful, pleasant, gentle.

    Why we should vote: Dopey is the sweetest of all the dwarfs. His youthful spirit may sit well with the younger voters. He's learned to live with his own disability (he can't speak), and that speaks the world of him!  These are pleasing characteristics when running for leader of a diverse nation.

Photo Source:  Walt Disney Animation Studios

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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