Frozen’s “In Summer” Gets a Reboot in This Awesome New Video

Every season should have an anthem. Thanks to the epic hit Frozen, summertime has a new one that will stick around for years and years and years to come.

In honor of the last day of school and the number one song of the season, Disney put together a totally amazing tribute with a video. This version of “In Summer” takes place at the last day of Arendelle High with a girl dreaming of summer (a la Olaf). There is singing, there is dancing, and there are Internet stars!¬†Nick Pitera, the insanely talented vocalist who does the male AND female voices in his uber-popular series of YouTube videos (and also just happens to be an animator at Pixar!) has a couple of cameos. And my daughter and I immediately recognized the “good looking parents,” since we LOVED their lip-syncing genius in their viral video of “Love is an Open Door” (which has 14 million hits!).

Sam and Nia, also known as the “good looking parents.”

Sam and Nia, aka the “good looking parents” (what couple wouldn’t want that moniker?), were extremely excited about being part of the video. Via e-mail, they confessed to us that they’ve seen Frozen about 15 times already. And since they had already declared their love for the flick with their viral videos, they were completely ecstatic when they were asked to be part of the “In Summer” tribute. They said that that not only did they jump and and down, “but it felt like the first day of the rest of our lives!” The shoot took about 10 hours, and their kids (ages 3 and 1) were able to be on the set with them. “Our favorite part of this experience was actually being part of a real production,” the couple said. “Talking with the directors and the younger actors was so interesting, and something neither of us ever saw ourselves doing!” So, so cool!

As for what THEY will be doing “in summer,” they are “focusing on building our YouTube channel, Sam and Nia, through our family vlogs and Disney lip syncs. We plan on putting up a pool and spending lots of time cooling off with our friends and family and ‘probably getting gorgeously tanned’ together.”

What is your favorite Frozen viral video tribute?

 Photo Source: Walt Disney Studios

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