Just in Time for Halloween — The Scariest Disney Villains in History

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The Halloween season is now upon us, and the scariest of Disney villains are cooking up their hair-raising antics in honor of their most special time of the year. This Halloween season is one to hooooooowl for.

Are you brave enough to look through this collection of the scariest of Disney villains? Do you think family members will survive the wicked shenanigans of Cruela De Vil, The Evil Queen, or Maleficent? Very well then…

Ye be warned.

  • The Scariest Disney Villains 1 of 11
    The Scariest Disney Villains in History

    Are you prepared to take a trip down Disney villain lane? Good luck, if you dare...

  • Evil Queen 2 of 11
    Evil queen, snow white

    The most evil queen to date. If you have the displeasure of meeting this treacherous queen, beware of her fruity offerings or heart-y meals.

  • Maleficent 3 of 11

    The fiery pits of hell have no fury like a vengeful queen on a mission. Maleficent will stop at nothing when it comes to getting what she wants. You better keep your fairy godmothers close by when dealing with this malevolent ruler.

  • Ursula 4 of 11
    evil queen little mermaid

    Poor unfortunate souls that should find themselves canoodling with this witch of the seas. Beware when wanting something so badly that you are willing to sell just about anything to get it. (Yes, even your Disney Infinity Playsets.)

  • Cruella De Vil 5 of 11

    Anyone who has the desire to hurt adorable puppies for their own fashionable gain is definitely one of the most heinous of criminals, even compared to some of the other villains in the group. Seriously, Cruela? Puppies? How about a nice lion fur wrap made from ... oh, let's say ... Scar from The Lion King?

  • Scar 6 of 11
    scar, the lion king

    The phrase "blood is thicker than water" does not apply to Scar. With his sarcastic puns and foul soul, this is one bad kitty.

  • Jafar 7 of 11

    Jafar started off like any old shmuck, just wanting his piece of the royal pie. But when he turned himself into an wicked, corrupt genie, he earned his spot on this list. Here are three wishes you DON'T want to mess with, even when you need them while you're playing Disney Infinity.

  • Lady Tremaine 8 of 11
    lady tremaine

    Lady Tremaine puts the evil in evil stepmother. Cinderella suffered greatly at the hands of the one who was supposed care for her. You'd think that Cindy's father would take a hint from someone who has a cat named Lucifer, for goodness sakes. Shudder...

  • Mother Gothel 9 of 11
    mother gothel

    Kidnapper. Liar. Manipulator. All these poisonous ingredients are needed when conjuring a perfect villain. Mother Gothel's evil plans could not stand up to the tricks of a arrogant thief who fell in love. Word of advice: I'd have my hair in a bun if you should ever cross paths with this momma.

  • Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear 10 of 11
    toy story- lotso bear

    We all met and fell in love with Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear in Toy Story 3, but it was his perverse and ill-behaved manner with toys that had us all gripping our seats with fear. Disney pulled a switcharoo on us by having this cute, lovable, huggable, sweet-smelling teddy bear turn into an evil, self-righteous, hateful little thing. After all, he's the one who had all of America reaching for their mommies when he tried to off Buzz, Woody, and everyone else in the Toy Story gang in the incinerator at the city dump! Remember that? I wonder how he will stand up to the powers of Disney Infinity (if he should even make a cameo in the game).

  • Chernabog 11 of 11

    Evil. Just plain evil. I mean, just look at this guy. He reeks of evil. Need I say more? Yikes!

Photo source: Walt Disney Studios and Pixar Studios

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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