La Luna App, Now An Enchanting Interactive Story

The new La Luna App, La Luna: The Story Project, was inspired by Disney-Pixar’s Academy Award®-nominated short film La Luna, originally released with the film Brave in June, 2012.

If you saw Brave, you probably remember this lovely film about the day “Bambino” goes to work with “Papa” and “Nonno.” They have a very special job involving a boat, brooms, a very tall ladder, the moon, and tons of stars.

La Luna: The Story Project brings this charming tale to life and includes both a theatrical version and a storybook version. The La Luna app also features an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into how the story was created.

Please click through the gallery below to learn more about its features. It is truly special — don’t miss it!

  • La Luna – The Story Project 1 of 8
    La Luna App

    Please click through the slides to learn more about this beautiful, enchanting app

  • An Interactive Story 2 of 8
    La Luna Interactive Video

    Enjoy the story, La Luna, in three different ways:

    1. The original version, just like you saw it in its theatrical release.

    2. The storybook version. Read it like a traditional book while enjoying gorgeous original watercolors (you can switch back and forth between the watercolor and film versions).

    3. Interactive story. Follow along as the narrator tells the story.

  • Look for the Hand 3 of 8
    La Luna app

    Enjoy special interactive features clearly marked with a hand symbol.

  • Sound Design 4 of 8
    La Luna sound design

    I really had fun with the sound design feature of the app, where it shows how the creative team developed sound effects for the film. See how they made the sounds and how they were used. Fun!

  • Storyboards 5 of 8
    La Luna Storyboards

    The app also includes visual artwork used to create the 3D world within the story — the boat, the stars, and more. And storyboards spark new appreciation for the animator's art.

  • Visual Design 6 of 8
    La luna visual design

    See fascinating details about how animators developed each element of the story including Bambino, Papa, Nonno, Bambino's hammer, the shed, and the boat.

  • Progression reel 7 of 8
    La luna progression reel

    The progression reel shows different stages of the production from the layout to the finished film.

  • Get it! 8 of 8
    La Luna watercolor scene

    Learn how watercolors were used to enhance the film and explore the development process from storyboard to the theatrical release.


    This app is one of my all time favorites -- a truly beautiful interactive experience. It's compatible with iPad (except iPad 1) and requires iOS 5.0 or later. Get it for $3.99 at the Apple store right here.

Photo credit: ©Disney Enterprises


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