Mom’s Homemade Costumes Turn Daughter into Disney Princess (PHOTOS)

“You have to believe in your natural super power.”

Bolt said it, and if spools upon spools of thread, yards of fabric, gossamer tulle, and floaty netting are any kind of indicator, then Angela Bonser is living it.

For the past four years, the mom of two girls has created one-of-a-kind, Disney-inspired costumes for her youngest daughter, Haylie. The elaborate, detailed replicas have captured the attention of Disneyland cast members, leading to more than a dozen inimitably unique experiences, including hunting for hidden treasure with Ariel and Peter Pan and riding the carousel with Mary Poppins and Bert.

“We have actually always liked Disney, but it was meeting the characters at Disneyland that made it even more special for us,” Bosner said as we chatted about the joy that moves her to make such amazing handmade costumes. “We fell in love with the princesses and characters because of their kindness.”

Check out some of Haylie’s most magical Disney moments — in costume of course:

“The most special day for Haylie was the day she first wore her Mary Poppins dress and the Marys instantly bonded,” Bosner says. “She got to ride the carousel with Mary Poppins, and she felt like she was given such a special gift in that magical ride.”

“It’s every little girl’s dream to dress up and play princess for the day,” she says. “And the fact that I’ve literally had a hand in making it happen for my daughter is everything to me.”

Bosner notes that cast members loved seeing the costumes, with many playing along as though Haylie was a real princess. “I thought it was such a fun way [for Haylie] to experience childhood — given the reaction of the cast members and everyone at Disneyland … so I decided to keep doing it!”

“I’ve done Alice, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Aurora, Jedi, Giselle from Enchanted — you name it,” Bosner says. “By far, the most challenging dress I ever made was the green Ariel park dress. Finding the fabrics was very difficult, but I remember scouring online, and I actually found the exact same trim that Ariel used on her dress. It was so great to see it come together.”

“So many people ask me how I got so many pictures that have no other park guests in them,” Bosner says. “Occasionally, it was just being in the right place at the right time. Other times, it was just a matter of getting just the right angle of the photo.”

“There are still a couple costumes I would love to make for Haylie such as Elsa and Anna from Frozen, Tiana, Briar Rose from Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan, maybe Merida … ” Bosner says.

“We have definitely spent our share of time in long lines waiting to meet the princesses,” Bosner says. “We were always ok with that and never asked for — or expected — anything special. Haylie had so much fun immersing herself in the characters and making so many friends, both characters and park guests. For her, it was years of magical and wonderful Disneyland memories that she will never forget.”

Photo credits: Angela Bosner via Flickr

Source: The Weekly Flickr

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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