MagicBand Bling at Walt Disney World

Last month I shared pictures of my family’s first MagicBands, which had arrived in anticipation of our upcoming Walt Disney World vacation. We were excited to wear our Disney MagicBand bracelets for use from everything to our room keys to our park passes, but I have to admit that I was also excited to check out the MagicBand bling.

Remember that feeling you got when you found the perfect watch guards for your Swatch, and you mastered the watch guard twist across the face of your watch? I imagined my whole family walking through Disney Parks, MagicBands on our wrists, flashing our bling. Okay, so they may take it a bit far, but the items available to bling our your band really are cool.

We found our MagicBand bling at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort store, which sells three kinds of MagicBand bling: MagicBandits, MagicSliders, and CoverBands. ┬áMagicBandits are reminiscent of Jibbitz for Crocs and fit easily into the unused holes in the band. MagicSliders slide up and onto the band, sitting firmly near or around the sensor at the middle of the band. CoverBands slide over the entire band and take it from a solid color to a Disneyfied pattern.

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    MagicBand Bling at Walt Disney World

    MagicBand bling currently available at Walt Disney World comes in three varieties: MagicBandits, MagicSliders, and CoverBands. Each type of band adornment is available in options ranging from favorite characters, to favorite park treats, to favorite Disney entertainment properties.

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    MagicBand Bling at Walt Disney World

    These little babies came home with me last week. This set of three jewel Mickeys can be worn together or shared. My son claimed the diamond Mickey for himself!

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    MagicBand Bling at Walt Disney World

    MagicBand Bandits come in sets of both three Bandits as well as sets of four. Some Bandits collections feature favorite Disney characters. I loved the Bandits available for The Incredibles.

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    MagicBand Bling at Walt Disney World

    While some MagicBand Bandit sets each feature a different character from a movie, others feature three or four different Bandits, all revolving around the theme of one character. This Bandit set is clearly for Minnie Mouse fans, even though none of the four Bandits are an image of Minnie herself.

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    MagicBand Bling at Walt Disney World

    Using, Disney MagicBands can be ordered in a variety of colors. However, if you receive your MagicBand upon your arrival at Walt Disney World, you will receive a gray band by default. CoverBands allow you to customize the appearance of your entire band.

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    MagicBand Bling at Walt Disney World

    MagicBand CoverBands can be bought in packs with just one CoverBand. Prints range from the abstract, such as Minnie's famous polkadots, to more concrete images like the Mickey faces shown above.

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    MagicBand Bling at Walt Disney World

    Want more than one CoverBand? MagicBand CoverBands are also available in three packs that follow a specific theme such as Cinderella or Star Wars. You can change out your CoverBands or share them with your family and friends so that you have coordinating bands!

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    MagicBand Bling at Walt Disney World

    Don't let your band go bare! What Disney bling do you want to buy first for your MagicBand?

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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