Make a Flip Book With Disney!

flip-bookI meant to write this post hours ago, but a funny thing happened on the way to publish, and that funny thing was a flip book. Now, this isn’t your father’s flip book where you would spend a week drawing slightly different versions of the same picture in the corner of countless pieces of paper and then thumbing through them at super paper cut speed — this is flip book 2.0. Welcome to the Internet.

The Disney Flip Book is available online for free and it is tons of creative fun for kids of all ages, even actual kids! Also, adults.

You can choose from provided designs or make your own more detailed images, add a page, and put them all together for some virtual flip book action. This is how you animate something amazing…

Shoot, I went back to see what other information I could share and spent another 20 minutes animating the gripping tale of a man slowly growing a green beard. It will probably be published soon, it’s that goodish.

Oh, and there is a Vinylmation version, too. I know!

Vinylmation Flip Book

Look, here’s the honest truth: My kids haven’t even played this yet because I just found it and subsequently hogged it, right up until the point where you came in. Bottom line, it’s a lot of free, creative fun, that encourages imagination, storytelling, art, and laughter — I told you about the free part, right?

Share Disney Flip Book with your family, and then maybe you can show them the old-school version — assuming you have the thumbs for it.


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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