New Year’s Resolutions: Disney Infinity Edition!

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It is that time of year yet again. A time when we reflect on the past 12 months and think about how we can better ourselves – and our lives – for the next 12 months. We take this knowledge of our weaknesses and failings and make a conscience decision to change or better ourselves by way of  the all-important New Year’s resolution list.

And while we all have our own personal goals, there are those known to us all who have their challenges, too.

In this New Year’s Resolutions: Disney Infinity Edition we have taken some of our favorite Disney Infinity figures and made suggestions of what they should work on in 2014, and you know what, there are some that us humans could totally add to our own lists!

Check out the New Year’s Resolution – Disney Infinity Edition right here:

  • New Year’s Resolutions… 1 of 9
    new years2

    Disney Infinity Edition! Which one will you try to take on for the new year?

  • Captain Jack Sparrow 2 of 9

    There is one thing that Captain Jack Sparrow values over all else: treasure. His new year's resolution would be to be far less greedy and to cherish friends more than fortune.


  • Mike Wazowski 3 of 9

    To really scare at least one person, just for fun.  Just so he knows he has it in him.

  • Violet 4 of 9

    To get over her shyness and make new friends. She's a strong girl and just needs to be more confident in the coming year.

  • Jack Skellington 5 of 9

    To be more mindful. Instead of making rash decision like taking over Christmas, he should take the time to think about what he is about to do. Perhaps a to-do list would be helpful?

  • Jessie 6 of 9

    To conquer her fears of tight spaces, perhaps spending some time in a box might help her with her goal?


  • Sulley 7 of 9

    Sulley is a busy man since he now runs Monsters Inc., he should make sure to take the time for himself this year and perhaps take a little vacation.

  • Buzz Lightyear 8 of 9

    Buzz is all about electronics and technology. In the coming year he should get in touch with nature!


  • Mr. Incredible 9 of 9

    Mr. Incredible is so busy with his superhero work, that he should really make more time to not just spend with his family but to mentor them, as well.

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