Separated at Birth: Disney Princess Edition

Have you ever wanted to be a dead ringer for a Disney Princess? Of course you have, who wouldn’t? The royal gals, albeit animated, who star in Disney movies always have beauty, grace and fabulous figures. But some people are born lucky — they grow up to look like the Disney Princesses we all love and adore! In celebration of these fortunate females, we’ve put together some separated by birth match ups, a collection of modern day celebrities who look just like our favorite Disney Princesses. Who do you think is the best match?

  • Separated At Birth! Disney Princess Edition 1 of 10

    Click through to see what modern day celebs can be doubles for Disney Princesses!

  • Snow White and Dita Von Teese 2 of 10
    Snow White Dita

    Glamor girl Dita Von Teese totally has an old school style, by design, and although she is far more kinky than the very sweet and innocent Snow White, she totally has that same look. The jet black hair, the porcelain skin, the red, red lips, Dita totally gives off that Snow White vibe.

  • Ariel and Jessica Chastain 3 of 10

    These two redheads both are beloved, but have very different lives. First off, one of these gals has a great big tail and fins! But they are both stunning, have long red hair, big bright eyes and fab figures.


  • Kim Kardashian and Jasmine 4 of 10

    Jasmine is exotically beautiful and has a style that she shares with the one and only Kim Kardashian! They are both curvy, have long dark locks, big brown almond shaped eyes, and both just happen to live in palaces and placesof privilege.

  • Amanda Seyfried and Rapunzel 5 of 10

    Amanda Seyfried's long blond hair may not be as long as Rapunzel's but she still has the same sweet look. They both have huge eyes, heart shaped faces and sly smiles.


  • Kerry Washington and Tiana 6 of 10

    Kerry Washington has such great pose and grace, things that totally remind us of Princess Tiana. They both have beautiful big eyes, lovely lips and gorgeously chocolate kissed skin.

  • Jennifer Lawrence and Aurora 7 of 10

    Who looks like Princess Aurora? Why the one and only Jennifer Lawrence! They both have the long ash-blond hair, sweet smiles and beautifully shaped eyes.

  • Anne Hathaway and Belle 8 of 10

    Anne Hathaway has cut off her hair, but when she still had long brown locks, she was a dead ringer for Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

  • Hayden Panettiere and Cinderella 9 of 10

    Forget about Hayden Panettiere's sassy role on Nashville, think of her in a more sweet and innocent role with a girlish grin, and she could totally be a modern day Cinderella. They both have that bit of blush in their skin, the bright eyes, the blond hair and a youthful style.

  • Lucy Lui and Mulan 10 of 10

    Not only do both of the Asian beauties have long black hair, great cheekbones, and fab figures, but both of the them can kick some butt! Think of Mulan in battle and Lucy Liu in her role as Alex in Charlies Angels.

Photo Source: PR Photos and Walt Disney

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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