Disney Movies Anywhere: The New Way to Share Your Memories and Your Movies, Anywhere

featured-incredibles-webKids, there is something awesome I want to tell you, but I need a bit of context — a backstory if you will. Give me a minute.

There used to be drive-ins, boys —  a place where the entire family and as many friends as we could carry would sit in the car with the windows down, watching stories dance across a giant billboard, surrounded by nothing but more of the same and the nighttime sky. There would be popcorn and drinks, a pillow for your head, and whatever stuffed animal you loved at the moment.

Often it was just your aunt and me, two small children sitting in the backseat with the silhouette of your grandparents in the 70s seated between us and the windshield, a frame of big collars and bigger hair, and beyond it all ran the feature. From there it was all stars to the right and straight on till morning.

That is the earliest memory I have of seeing any movie, anywhere, and it was Peter Pan calling Captain Hook a codfish with all of us laughing so hard that we could see our breath roll in the cool fall air like so much pixie dust.

To this day Peter Pan remains my favorite, and that is why. It was a movie in a moment, when all was young and right, and never once did I plan to grow up.

The years passed, the drive-ins gave way to the multiplex, and other films took on the mantle of their milestones. The Apple Dumpling Gang made westerns funny, and The Black Hole and Tron both pulled me into a lifelong love of science fiction as I sat elbow to elbow in a sea of Thor t-shirts and wonder.

This continued through new friends and old, first dates and group outings, and as long as Disney put out movies I vowed to keep making memories.

You guys came into the picture without ever knowing it. Your mother was pregnant with Atticus; in fact, he would be born just two weeks later. We sat in a dry theater with the Seattle rain falling constant upon it, and then, without warning, Finding Nemo dropped the pending reality of fatherhood squarely on my lap. I laughed and I cried, and I may have been sweating.

“Did you know it was going to be like that?” I asked your mother when the movie was over. It hit home like no other film ever had.

When Zane joined the family we went on a ride with Cars, and we went everywhere. We have been riding together ever since. We always will.

And now, thanks to Disney Movies Anywhere, we can watch our favorite Disney movies whenever we want, wherever we are, and the settings for the stories we live and those we tell has just received the biggest upgrade this side of refillable popcorn.

Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. Now we can download our favorite Disney, Pixar, and Marvel films online or with an app on our mobile device — so many movies, so many places to watch them. And we can watch them anytime.

Just think of the memories we will make. I want us all to be in all of them.


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The Disney Movies Anywhere app is free to download and is available on iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch, and via the web. It is free to join Disney Movies Anywhere. Movies are priced as listed. At the time of this posting new members are eligible to receive a free digital copy of Disney-Pixar’s The Incredibles.


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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