Sing It, Boys! Frozen Once Again Busts Down Gender Barriers

Disney’s Frozen has recently surpassed the billion dollar mark, officially making it the highest grossing animated movie OF ALL TIME. Like us, you’ve likely seen covers of songs from the movie on YouTube, sung by hip parents and baseball players alike. A new video featuring a new cast of characters doing their own rendition of a Frozen song pops up more quickly than anyone can keep track of.

One of the greatest things about this Disney movie in particular is that Frozen is not gender specific. In our experience, boys are just as into Elsa and Anna as girls are while typically in the past, there seemed to be clearer gender lines among kid flicks. Cars or Planes = mostly for boys. Tangled or The Little Mermaid = more often loved by girls. These are sweeping generalizations of course, but there’s no denying that people by and large don’t think boy when they think of princess movies and they don’t think girl when they think of movies about things with wheels that go. Things have been shifting, though. Boys and girls are growing up with completely different gender ideals. 

You more than likely have a boy at home who can recite the heartfelt lyrics in Frozen’s award-winning record-breaking ballad word-for-word. Boys everywhere are memorizing the songs from the soundtrack and belting them out again and again, singing sometimes at the top of their lungs. It’s one of the most amazing and endearing sights and quite frankly, music to our ears.

Check out the below YouTube video featuring three of the cutest boys anywhere singing “Let It Go” from the back seat of their car! These adorable young brothers have the lyrics, the melody, and the hand gestures down and are not afraid to show it! And no matter if they are crooning with their brothers, sisters, or even performing a solo, we are thrilled that Disney’s Frozen is changing gender stereotypes in entertainment one frozen fractal at a time.



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