Star Wars Fan Builds Most Accurate LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer Ever

Star Wars Fan Builds Most Accurate LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer Ever | BabbleMy kids heart LEGO sets. The oldest can spend hours building intricate Star Warsian starfighters and gunships peopled by Ewoks and Jedi, while the youngest can spend half the time taking everything apart when he’s not looking.

And then there’s Jerac, a self-taught master LEGO builder from Łódź, Poland, who designed and built this 6.62-ft.-long, 110-lb. Chimaera — the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer used by Grand Admiral Thrawn in the Star Wars extended universe — for fun, using more than 40,000 bricks and spending around $5,000 over eight months.

According to Gizmodo, those stats make this the biggest, most accurate LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer ever built, and perhaps the most impressive since Jerac used a complicated building technique called SNOT (studs not on the top), which hides all the bumpy LEGO studs from view.

It sure gives all the tiny little bricks you manage to step on in the dark while sneaking out of your kid’s room after reading about eleventy books to get him to go to sleep a lot more perspective, don’t you think? I mean, who knew those little plastic bricks were good for something other than stabbing the bottoms of your feet?

Photo credits: Lucasfilm, Gizmodo

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