Teen Beach Movie‘s Ross Lynch and Chrissie Fit Talk Club Penguin

Teen Beach Movie Summer JamIf you have access to a television and a penchant for watching musicals, then you have most likely seen Disney’s Teen Beach Movie, possibly on repeat. Also on DVD (which includes an extra song and lots of great rehearsal footage). It is a very fun Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM) about friendship, being true to yourself, and, of course, surfing.

And now Teen Beach Movie is taking over Club Penguin (August 22-September 3) for the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam. Wax your boards, penguins!

I recently spoke with two of the stars from Teen Beach Movie, Ross Lynch (Brady) and Chrissie Fit (Cheechee), about their experience with Club Penguin, and spoiler alert β€” they are having a blast!

Whit Honea: Teen Beach Movie is a lot of fun. I have two little boys, we all watched it together, and they looked forward to seeing it ever since Disney Channel started running promos, which, if I recall correctly was around 2006. Teen Beach Movie lives up to the hype, and that’s great. They have watched it many times, and now they are loving the sing-a-long and dance-a-long versions. My first rhetorical question is: was the movie as much fun to make as it looks?

Ross Lynch: That’s great that they watch it! It was awesome to make. It was basically a big party the whole time.

Chrissie Fit: We filmed it in Puerto Rico, and the fun we had on and off set. I think that’s why people like it β€” they can see the genuine joy. We were happy.

WH: The influences of West Side Story and Grease are pretty obvious, but did you have any other sources of inspiration?

RL: Those were huge. I also watched Beach Blanket Bingo and all of the Frankie and Annette movies, that whole genre.

CF: Plus growing up and doing musicals in school, that helped a lot, too.

WH: Is there any talk of Teen Beach Movie 2?

CF: That would be awesome.

WH: Wouldn’t it?

RL: Honestly, it hasn’t been discussed. We’re crossing our fingers and hoping for the best.

WH: You know it’s doing well. You’re going to be part of Club Penguin! They don’t just let anybody do Club Penguin. And you guys are following Star Wars, which is a pretty good opening act.

RL: I know, and I love Star Wars!

CF: I hadn’t thought of Star Wars as our opening act (laughs). That’s the best opening act ever!

RL: I used to play Club Penguin when I was younger and when this came up I was like “No way! Club Penguin!”

CF: I opened a new account and couldn’t believe all the new things, the cool things, going on. It’s super fun.

WH: A few months ago, I had the opportunity to visit the Club Penguin headquarters and I was really impressed with the people there β€” their passion, their emphasis on safety, and their social causes. They made me my own penguin and named him Barry Whit as a nod to Barry White, which is cool, and now I play with my kids on Club Penguin all the time. So feel free to check out my igloo.

RL: Ha! That’s funny! I like it. Do your kids know about the Teen Beach game? [Note, this interview took place before the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam was publicly announced.]

WH: I let them in on the secret, and they are pretty excited. What was it like working with Club Penguin?

CF: We didn’t know at all what they were going to do, how they were going to change the island, or how they were going to incorporate the movie, and when we got a sneak peak of it, it was incredible. The players really get a chance to be in the movie.

WH: I’m old, so humor me on this, but back in the day if you were involved with something as popular as Teen Beach Movie you might get lucky and wind up in a comic book or made into an action figure, but being a part of video game? This is a whole new level of awesomeness.

RL: You know, there has always been a part of me that wanted to be inside a video game… and it’s always been a secret of mine that I wanted to be animated into an animal that looks like me… and a penguin me with blond hair? I’m very excited.

CF: It’s kind of surreal. When they first showed us the penguins I was literally shocked. I’m a penguin! I’m really grateful that we have the outlets now to interact with fans in this sort of way.

WH: Any words of wisdom for your fans as the Club Penguin Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam draws near?

RL: Enjoy it! It’s only there for a short time. Also, make sure you get outside, too! Have a good time in everything you do.

CF: Right, go out and surf! I think the Club Penguin event is such a great opportunity for fans to find out what kind of character they would be in the movie, to put their own spin on it. It’s like they get to be part of Teen Beach Movie.

And then we said our goodbyes. No word on whether or not they have visited my igloo.

The Club Penguin Disney Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam starts August 22 (members can party backstage!) and promises to be surf crazy! Here’s a sneak peak at some of the fun (including this hip song):

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Are you looking forward to Disney’s Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam on Club Penguin?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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