The Best Walt Disney World Bathrooms: Where to Go When You Go

Can we get personal for a moment? Bathrooms are important, and when you’re out and about with kids, knowing where they’re located is critical information. Over my dozen plus — I’m too embarrassed to take an accurate count — trips to Walt Disney World Resort, I’ve become quite the Disney bathroom connoisseur, forming opinions about everything from location to line length. Recently a friend asked if there was an app rating Walt Disney World bathrooms that she could download to her phone, and I found myself encouraging her to just ping me when she has a Disney bathroom question. 

So where are the best bathrooms in Walt Disney World Resort? While just my humble opinion, here is where to go when you go to Walt Disney World.


The sheer number of bathroom options in Future World in particular is nothing short of impressive. While lines for the bathrooms inside The Land can seem endless, there are almost never lines in the bathrooms behind the EPCOT Character Spot. These bathrooms are also a great place to stop on the way to Captain EO!

World Showcase bathrooms can be a bit trickier. Distances around the World Showcase Lagoon are deceptive and you can easily find yourself countries away from a restroom. To add insult to injury, alcohol is served in Epcot, making knowing bathroom locations even more important. I personally love the restrooms in the United Kingdom pavilion, quaintly tucked back and away and conveniently located across from a pub. If you skip those bathrooms on your way around the world, be forewarned that your next opportunity for an easy-to-get-to bathroom won’t come until you reach The American Adventure. You’ll want to avoid the restrooms to your right when you first enter World Showcase from Future World. There are only two stalls and always long lines.

Animal Kingdom

Restrooms inside Animal Kingdom can be a little tricky because the park is so well-designed that the locations don’t jump out at you. If you want to go to the bathroom, you’ve got to plan. My favorite somewhat undiscovered bathroom is located in DinoLand, U.S.A. Just past the Primeval Whirl attraction, this bathroom almost seems to be “backstage,” or in an area of the park restricted from guests. Don’t worry, you’re not breaking any rules! You’ve just located a bathroom that is always clean and never full.

Another favorite is in Africa on the right as you walk towards Kilimanjaro Safaris. These restrooms are literally along your walking path rather than tucked away in a forgotten corner. Bonus? They’re also right across from Kusafiri Coffee Shop & Bakery. Coffee!

Magic Kingdom

Because Magic Kingdom features attractions where you may face both long waits and exciting moments (think Space Mountain…), it’s extra important to know where the restrooms are located. Also, very young children who may need to visit the restroom more often are likely to make up a large proportion of the Magic Kingdom guest population making bathroom location critical and long waits more likely.

There is a fantastic large, easy-to-get to restroom just next to City Hall where we always stop before heading out of the parks to wait in long lines for shuttle buses, ferries, or monorails. Want an off-the-beaten path restroom where you’re not likely to find a crowd? Pop over to the bathrooms on the path between the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor and Tomorrowland. I’ve also heard that the new Tangled bathrooms on the walk between Fantasyland and Liberty Square are worth a visit, even if they are popular!

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

A bit like Animal Kingdom, there are more restrooms available at Disney’s Hollywood Studios than you may realize at first glance. Some of these facilities, however, are highly trafficked and not a great option if you’re in a rush. For example, be leery of the bathrooms along Sunset Boulevard, which are sometimes packed with guests leaving Fantasmic, Tower of Terror, and Rock N Roller Coaster. A great option that is often busy, but accommodates a large crowd, is the bathroom in Animation Courtyard. Just try not to visit these restrooms right at the end of a Disney Junior – Live on Stage! performance.

My favorite Disney’s Hollywood Studios restrooms are located directly across from Studio Catering Co. along the Streets of Americas. Not only are they somewhat centrally located, but they’re somehow tucked away just enough to not draw a crowd. Even better, they’re easy to get to during the Spectacle of Dancing Lights each holiday season, a must-see that draws huge crowds that are often tough to move through.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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