Making New Traditions: My Family’s First Homemade Pumpkin Pie

our first attempt at homemade pumpkin pieI can’t believe Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away. It seems that once September hits, the last few months of the year simply fly by. How do we even start to prepare for this yearly feast?

Thanksgiving in my home is a huge family event. This is where my mom’s cooking shines as bright as the crispy skin on the turkey. We are a small bunch, but we eat like there’s no tomorrow. For the past few years, I’ve done desserts, and it’s mostly been the typical pies and cookies. Personally, I’ve never attempted to bake anything since the wonderful invention of supermarket bakeries. I mean, that’s why they’re there, right? And if I wanted to do something a little fancier, I would go to my local restaurant and order a pie or cake from there. But this year, I want it to be a little different.

I’m gonna bake a pie.

My kids absolutely love pumpkin pie. I like it, too. A slice of pie with a tall glass of milk? I am in heaven. I’ve seen many of my friends on Facebook bake their own pies, so I went to the market to buy my ingredients to surprise the kids when they got home from school. It was going to be perfect. Aside from it being over 90 degrees outside, it was going to be smelling like autumn inside my home, by golly.

This is my first attempt to bake a pie. When I told the kids that they were going to help me bake one, they both yelled out their excitement without any hesitation. As we prepared our ingredients and started with the process, I was able to talk to my kids about Thanksgivings past. We reminisced over funny conversations that had happened, and I immediately felt an overwhelming feeling of peace and joy. My kids giggled and laughed through the whole process.

After dinner, we all sat at the table and ate our dessert made with love and laughter — the two main ingredients for homemade pie.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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