The Story of Our First Pumpkin Carving

Seasons come and go. Same with holidays, weekends, and special occasions. At only 8 and 6, my kids still have very little concept of time. No matter how many times I show them the calendar, the inevitable, “When is this happening?” question still gets asked before important dates. For us, one of those important days in October is when we get to carve our pumpkins for Halloween.

My kids absolutely love when I carve out their pumpkins. The anticipation of the final results of the carving is like the anticipation of Christmas Eve. I love it. This year, they are both old enough to carve out the pumpkin themselves. My kids were over the moon when I told them that this was their year. They quickly ate their dinner, took a shower, and prepared for the seriousness of the creations they were about to bring into existence.

The whole process of gutting out the pumpkin is what I truly enjoyed most. I was staring at them as they worked hard, scraping out the insides of the pumpkin. Seeing their eyes light up when they first pulled out the lid and saw the seeds and fillings was classic. I heard a lot of yucks and ewwws!

It’s simple moments like these that will stay with me forever. I have vivid memories of carving out my own pumpkin when I was young, and I want my kids to have the same memories. In the future, when they are surrounded by their own little ones, I want them to be able to travel back to this point in time.

The time they carved their very first pumpkin.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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