Top 7 Scariest Disney Songs for Halloween

You have your Halloween decorations up, and the treats are ready to be handed out — what else is there to add to your Halloween fiesta? Music, of course! Disney has made some of the scariest musical scores to accompany their greatest and spookiest movie scenes.

From Jack Skellington ballads to Ursula belts, we’ve got the creepiest and scariest Disney songs that will complement any Halloween party!

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    Are you ready for Halloween? Take a look at 7 scary Disney songs to play for a night full of ghosts and frights!

  • "Poor Unfortunate Souls" 2 of 8

    Of all the songs featured in the movie The Little Mermaid, this is my absolute favorite.


    "Come on you poor unfortunate soul. Go ahead! Make your choice! I'm a very busy woman and I haven't got all day. It won't cost much, just your voice!"

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  • "This is Halloween" 3 of 8

    The lyrics of this song are freaky, but the melody makes it hard to get the darn song out of your head! This song is one of my favorite from The Nightmare Before Christmas!


    "I am the one hiding under your bed, teeth ground sharp and eyes glowing red. I am the one hiding under your stairs, fingers like snakes and spiders in my hair"

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  • "Trust in Me" 4 of 8

    This song will make your skin crawl — literally! Kaa from The Jungle Book is the perfect villain to sing this tune.


    "Slip into silent slumber. Sail on a silver mist. Slowly and surely your senses will cease to resist."

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  • "Grim Grinning Ghosts" 5 of 8

    This is another song that has scary lyrics, but if you know the ride well enough, you'll be tapping your feet instead of covering your ears! The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland is my favorite ride at the park!


    "Creepy creeps with eerie eyes, start to shriek and harmonize. Grim grinnin' ghosts come out to socialize!"

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  • "Heffalumps and Woozles" 6 of 8

    This song is weird in a crazy, psychedelic way.  Thank you, Winnie the Pooh, for this strange song that has us looking at elephants in a very different way.


    "They come in ones and twoosels, but if they so choosels, before your eyes you'll see them multiply- ply - ply - ply."

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  • "Jack’s Lament" 7 of 8

    I am a lover of all things melancholy and sad, and this song from The Nightmare Before Christmas has it all. So awesome!


    "I'm a master of fright, and a demon of light. And I'll scare you right out of your pants."

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  • "Hellfire" 8 of 8

    I know, right? The name says it all. Phew! And the lyrics are way worse! Some may not be suitable for kids ... yikes! This song is hailed as one of the most spookiest songs from the movie "The Hunchback of Notre Dame!"


    "Destroy Esmeralda, and let her taste the fires of hell. Or else let her be mine and mine alone."

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Which one is the scariest? Which one is your favorite?

Photo Source: Walt Disney Studios and Disneylandia al Dia

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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