Top Tweeters from #DisneySide Social Media All Star Event

On Tuesday November 5th, Disneyland kicked off their Social Media All Stars #DisneySide event with a live performance and live appearances by some of social media’s most popular online celebs. This campaign encourages fans and followers of Disney to share their light hearted, fun loving Disney side with the hashtag #DisneySide. The hashtag took off immediately on Twitter, with over 33 million impressions the day of the event, according to Hashtracking.

I was thrilled to be at the Disneyland Park for the event, and to get a photo op with Grumpy Cat (which qualifies ME as an all-star with my own kids). Forget about movie stars. My kids were ridiculously impressed that I got to meet Grumpy Cat, Ridiculously Photogenic Guy AND TrotterPup.

I thought it might be interesting to take a closer look at this hashtag and check out some of the top tweeters  from #DisneySide the day of the live social media event. 

In order to do this I pulled Twitter analytics via Hashtracking to find the most popular and most retweeted #DisneySide hashtagged tweets from the day of the event as well as the “Buzzwords” cloud and Most Popular tweeter lists. Many of these tweets contain awesome links and photos  you won’t want to miss!

No need to dig and search. I’ve collected all the Top Tweets and Top Tweeters from #DisneySide for you right here!

It is easy to see why these live-tweeted updates were favorited, shared and re-shared so many times!

  • Twitter Buzz from #DisneySide 1 of 13

    Twitter Buzzwords from #DisneySide via Hashtracking

  • Disney Parks Tweets Link to @Mike_Tomkins Video 2 of 13

    See the original @DisneyParks tweet about Mike Tompkins here.


  • Live from the Parks 3 of 13

    Disney was quick to share the scene, posting on their blog before their event was even over and sharing on Twitter through assorted accounts. Read the article about the event here


  • Tiffany Tweets about her #DisneySide 4 of 13

    Tiffany Alvord's live performance was sensational! Original tweet here


  • Audrey McClelland shares a Shot of Tiffany’s Performance 5 of 13

    Audrey's great shot resonated with fans. See the original tweet here


  • Even Grumpy Cat Has a #Disneyside 6 of 13

    Twitter fans were gaga over Grumpy Cat's #DisneySide Video. Check out how many tweets and faves this Twitter share got. 


  • World’s Biggest #Selfie 7 of 13

    Disneyland is the world's most instagrammed place and during the #DisneySide Event, participants got to be a part of the worlds biggest #selfie shot. Tiffany Alvord shared her shot in this tweet


  • Ridiculously Photogenic Guy’s #DisneySide Was Looking Good 8 of 13

    Something tells me these pictures may be photoshopped. That didn't stop a lot of people from loving and retweeting this tweet


  • Grumpy Cat Meets Grumpy the Dwarf 9 of 13

    This tweet and photo that accompanied it, were somewhat epic and got a whole lot of play! 


  • It’s Like Matter and Anti Matter 10 of 13

    Who can resist a photo of the World's most Photogenic Guy holding the world's grumpiest cat? This tweet traveled far and wide and brightened many people's days. 


  • The Most Retweeted Tweet 11 of 13

    Isn't it a little ironic that the most retweeted tweet of the entire #DisneySide day was also the grumpiest tweet from the happiest place on earth? Or was it...  Studies on Twitter seem to show that grumpy cats and dwarves are fairy irresistible.


  • Most Popular Tweeters at Disneyland’s #DisneySide Event 12 of 13

    Snapshot of Most Popular Tweeters via

  • Me and Grumpy Cat! 13 of 13

    Couldn't resist sharing a tweet of my own... Here's a pic of me having a Grump off with Grumpy Cat. It was an honor to meet the world's most famous social media feline!


Image Credits:, as noted.  

Disclosure: Thanks to Disneyland for providing me with a press pass and park ticket to attend this event. Only wish I could have stayed in the park longer! I am a founder of, which is  one of the reasons I use this service to track and analyze hashtags. All opinions are my own. I am a Disneypassholder and a bonafide social media geek. 

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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