Recipe for a Summer Day: Up Crafts, Treats and Lots of Balloons

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Combine ingredients. Outcome — one wonderful day of celebrating a Pixar classic.

Summer vacation can be a challenging time for us parents, especially if your kids aren’t in camps, having play dates or otherwise preoccupied with some sort of awesomeness. As us moms and dads all know, movies are a great fall back. Sitting down in front of the TV for a couple hours might remedy things for a little while, but then what? The answer —  journey beyond just the screen time and come up with an amazing all-day activity revolving around the film in question. Take that favorite movie and make a day of it.

Recently, my daughter and I decided to make an entire day out of Up, which happens to be one of our favorites. It has action, it has adventure, and it has a whole lot of heart — all in 96 wonderful minutes. It is the kind of movie that makes you hug your loved ones tight and fills you with the urge to see the world.

We watched the movie, then brainstormed. Experimenting with the ideas was an adventure (right here at home) for both my daughter and I. Check out how we spent that afternoon right here:

This week Disney Movies Anywhere has rolled out — as part of their Pixar Summer Movies To Go promotion — the digital download of Up (which includes some cool bonus features).

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